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Chapter 593 Snob

 "It's the river chart that asked me to come here. Please go in and announce it."

Ye Chen said to several men.


A man suddenly yelled at the leaf dust and said, "you dare to call adult Hetu as Hetu. You are really looking for death!"


Ye Chen was helpless.

"Boy, if you are sensible, get out of here, otherwise..."

There was a sneer on the man's face. "You should know what the consequences are."

Ye Chen sighed to himself that he didn't want to care about anything with them, but they didn't think so.

"Believe it or not, you are about to fall to the ground."

Ye Chen said slowly to several men in front of him.


Several men smell speech are all stunned, a few seconds later just return to God.

"You, you, you You say we're about to fall to the ground? "

"Ah, ha ha, ha!"

Immediately, several men all burst out laughing, just because they thought, heard the most funny joke in the world.

However, the next second, the laughter of these men turned into screams.


I saw that several men in front of Ye Chen had fallen to the ground.

This, this, this

The faces of the men who fell to the ground were terrified.

They just don't know how they fell.

"You, you, you..."

The men who fell on the ground were stupid and knew that ye Chen's strength was terrible.

"What's going on?"

Suddenly, a silver bell like voice was introduced into the ears of all.

Several men rushed to see, found is the big miss River snow.

Looking at the river snow, their faces all appeared a touch of surprise, as if holding a thigh in general.

"Miss, if this man wants to break into Hefu, he still calls the name of Lord Hetu directly!"

A man quickly said to the river snow.

River Snow smell speech to see to leaf dust, don't look don't matter, a look she is to stay.


River Snow was stunned at first, and then came back to God. A look of joy appeared on her white face.

"Before Generation? "

The men who fell to the ground all looked at each other and swallowed their saliva.

How could you call this a senior?

For a moment, several men were like a bolt from the blue.

"Master, did they provoke you?"

River Snow thought of what, looking at the leaf dust quickly asked.

She has learned the background of Ye Chen Tong Tian from her grandfather's mouth, so she dare not have any neglect.

"Not really."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

With that, he went into Hefu.

"You look down upon others like a dog!"

River snow to fall on the ground of a few men, cold voice said.

Several men heard this, such as falling ice cave general.

"From now on, you are no longer the people of Hefu. Leave."

Said, river snow also walked in.

Several men fell on the ground for a moment, and then they all began to wail.

Only because he Fu's job not only has high salary but also good welfare.

Now, it should be that they just offended Ye Chen and everything is over.

"Master, I heard from my grandfather that you are in the closed door, and once closed for three months, it's really good."

After catching up with leaf dust, he said with a smile.

"Not bad. Where's your grandfather?"

"Master, I'll take you."

The sound falls, the river snow then takes the leaf dust to walk toward a place.

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