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Chapter 594 Dragon Army Corps

 Before long, ye Chen saw the river map.

"Leaf dust?"

He Tu see leaf dust, the old face immediately appeared surprised look.

"Ye Chen, you are out of the customs."

He Tu said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

"Master Hetu, what do you want me to do?"

"Ye Chen, do you know about the Longji army?"

The dragonfly army?

Obviously, ye Chen didn't know about the so-called Longji army.

"The dragonfly army is the most elite army in the Dragon kingdom. It's the first defense line of the Dragon kingdom. Do you want to go?"

First line of protection?

Ye Chen is not very interested in the dragonfly army, but he is interested in the first protective line.

He thought, as long as the first protective line is over, is he really long bao body far from the big round man?

"Now the dragonfly army recruits."

He Tu said to Ye Chen again.


Ye Chen nodded.


Three days later, ye Chen has already arrived at the Longji army.

He has successfully entered the dragonfly army and become a very ordinary soldier.

"I'm your captain!"

Suddenly, a very cold woman came to the side of Ye Chen.

"Name: Wang Bing."

"Cultivation talent: high."

"Hidden talent: high speed talent."

"Realm: four star war general."

Ye Chen's team has hundreds of people.

"Now that you have entered the Longji army, it proves that you have ignored life and death. There should be no one who is afraid of death?"

Wang Bing looked at hundreds of people in front of him coldly, "if anyone is afraid of death, he can quit now."

There are really a few exits.


Wang Lengleng snorted.

"The dragonfly army is a million, we are just a small team."

"But do you think I'll train you?"

Wang Bing scanned the crowd.

"The soldiers of the dragon's army are all trained in the battle against fierce beasts with iron like will!"

Wang Bing said a lot.

Ye Chen has known a lot about it in the past few days when he came to the army.

The dragonfly army was directly under the command of the emperor.

And their location is the first protective line of the Dragon Kingdom, North dragon city!

Outside the North Dragon City, there are countless fierce beasts.

It is precisely for this reason that ye came to the dragon's army. If he wants to make the real dragon body complete, he must fight and fight madly.

"Next, we will go to Xintian town!"


Then, led by the team leader Wang Bing, the team arrived outside Xintian town.

"There are more than 3000 fierce beasts in Xintian Town, and their levels are different."

"Next, we're going to go in and kill all the more than 3000 fierce beasts!"

Said, Wang Bing then took the lead to walk in.

Ye Chen followed him in.

Wang Bing into the new town, she will stop the pace, let her did not expect is, ye dust actually continue to walk forward.

"The man in front of you, do you think you are outstanding?"

As ye was walking, Wang Bing's voice came into his ears.

What did he think of, and a wry smile came out of his mouth.


Leaf dust touched his head, Feng Shen Jun Lang's face was very embarrassed.

"What's your name?"

"Leaf dust."

Ye Chen said his name truthfully.

"Oh? Leaf dust

Wang Bing sneered, "you seem to have a good relationship with Hetu."

Ye Chen was stunned. Although he didn't know why Wang Bing knew this, he did. Wang Bing had already regarded him as a person who went through the back door.

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