I Copy Talents | Chapter 595 | Leave These Beasts To Me

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Chapter 595 Leave These Beasts To Me

 Ye Chen looks at Wang Bing. He thinks that Wang Bing is only a four-star general, but he has been killed in the first line, and has become a small captain of the Longli army.

"Ye Chen, don't think you have a good relationship with Hetu, I will take good care of you!"

Wang Bing looked at Ye Chen coldly and said.

Ye Chen's face was calm as water. He spoke slowly to Wang Bing: "Captain, I don't need your care."


Hundreds of martial arts men were stunned when they heard the speech. Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to dare to talk to the captain like this.

"Ha ha!"

Wang cold voice a smile, "don't know the height of the boy!"

"Captain, fierce beast!"

Suddenly, a warrior pointed to a direction and cried out.

All the people heard the words and looked at the past in a hurry. It didn't matter if they didn't see it. They all had a look of horror on their faces.

Just because, not far from them, there were thousands of fierce beasts.

"You must be careful!"

The captain Wang Bing sees this kind of situation, hastily says to the crowd.

"Captain, can I tell you something?"

Just when Wang Bing wanted to say something, the voice of Ye dust was introduced into her ears.

Wang Bing was stunned when she heard the speech. She turned her head and looked at Ye Chen. However, she found that ye Chen's face was very calm, as if she had not seen thousands of fierce beasts at all.

"What's the matter?"

Wang Bing's impression on Ye Chen is not very good, and he said displeased to Ye Chen.

Hundreds of Warriors also look at Ye Chen, and they all want to know what ye Chen will say to the captain.

But let them in any case also did not think of is, leaf dust is to say such a sentence next.

Ye Chen looked at the team leader Wang Bing and said faintly:

"give me these thousands of fierce beasts."


When they heard this, they all gasped. Their eyes were wide open. Naturally, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You You What do you say

Wang Bing, the captain, was also shocked.

"Give me these thousand fierce beasts."

Ye Chen's voice is very quiet, as if he was just talking about a trivial matter.

"Ye Chen, don't you think your words are ridiculous?"

Team leader Wang Bing opened his mouth to the leaf dust coldly. It is obvious that in her eyes, ye Chen has been regarded as a boy who does not know the height of heaven and earth.


All of a sudden, thousands of fierce animals not far away from them all rushed towards them.

"Be careful

Wang Bing stares at the thousands of fierce beasts that come.


Suddenly, the sound of a broken wind appeared in their ears.

The crowd was stunned and felt that there was only a shadow in place.


Captain Wang Bing opened her eyes because she found that ye dust had already rushed to the fierce herd.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, there was an explosion.

How probably!!!

Looking at such a scene, hundreds of people were stunned and could not return to their senses for a long time.

At the time of people's consternation, thousands of fierce beasts have been solved by Ye Chen.

These thousands of fierce beasts are just low-level fierce beasts, which is not a worry at all. If ye Chen wants to kill them completely, it is too simple.

"Captain, do you think I'm dreaming?"

A warrior was shocked to see the captain Wang Bing said.

Captain Wang Bing at this time also some do not know how to speak, originally cold as ice on the cheek, also became solidified.

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