I Copy Talents | Chapter 596 | Senior Beast King Level Fierce Beast

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 596 Senior Beast King Level Fierce Beast

 All of us didn't get to the point where ye Chen was so strong.

Leaf dust back to the body, found the captain Wang Bing and the team members are all stiff in place, he helpless a smile.

In a moment, he came slowly.

"You How can you be so strong? "

Team leader Wang Bing takes the lead to return to God, looking at Ye Chen with fright.

In her opinion, how could a warrior like Ye Chen enter a small team?

"This I can't help it. "

Ye Chen touched his head and said.

At this time, Wang Bing's heart is full of shock, she had previously regarded Ye Chen as a person who did not know the height of heaven and earth.

But now, she knew how wrong she was.


Suddenly, a terrible roar came into everyone's ears.

All the people heard such a roar, their hearts a burst of shock.

Looking at the past along the sound, they were more frightened than ever.

"Senior beast emperor level fierce beast, black devil fierce tiger!"

Team leader Wang Bing was shocked to see the fierce beast.

I saw this fierce beast, the whole body was painted black, looked very terrible.

Senior beast king level fierce beast?

Wang Bing and all the players were like a bolt from the blue.

Among them, the most powerful is captain Wang Bing.

But Wang Bing is only a fourth level general. Compared with the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, the gap is too big.

"How could it be? How can there be a senior beast emperor in Xintian town? "

Captain Wang Bing said in horror.

"Everybody back out!"

After the captain Wang Bing regained his mind, he cheered to all the players.

Hearing this, all the team members ran back. However, they were all new to the dragon flying army. They met a fierce beast of high rank, and their legs had softened.

Team leader Wang Bing is found, ye dust is still in place, no want to escape.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing! Run

Wang Bing, the captain, yelled at Ye Chen.

When ye Chen heard the speech, he showed a side face and looked at the captain Wang Bing and said:

"Captain, you go."

Wang Bing was biting her silver teeth. "Ye Chen, that's a senior beast emperor level fierce beast. You can't be the opponent of the senior beast emperor level fierce beast in any case."

Just as he was talking, the black devil and fierce tiger of the senior animal emperor level had already reached Ye Chen's body.

"Black devil fierce tiger: fierce beast."

"Talent: high speed talent."

"Rank: high rank animal king."

The talent and rank information of the black devil fierce tiger appears in the retina of Ye Chen.

Captain Wang Bing see ye dust or do not want to leave the meaning, her heart has endless shock.

Just because she felt that in front of her slightly emaciated back, at this time it looked like that kind of indomitable!

The senior animal emperor level fierce beast black devil fierce tiger also did not take the lead to rush to Ye Chen. It was obvious that he was looking at Ye Chen to see if he could be easily provoked.

At this time, all the people withdrew from Xintian town.

In Xintian Town, there are only team leaders Wang Bing and ye Chen.


All of a sudden, the high-level beast, the black devil and the fierce tiger, pounced on Ye Chen with great speed.

Captain Wang Bing saw the black devil fierce tiger moved, she quickly opened her eyes, want to see how ye dust will do.

Although she doesn't believe Ye Chen can defeat this high-level beast, she may have hope if she lives.

But let Wang Bing dream also did not think of is, the next is a scene like this!

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