I Copy Talents | Chapter 598 | Go To The Brigade

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Chapter 598 Go To The Brigade

 Ye Chen thinks that the real Longbao is only reflected in the seventh floor, which is far from the tenth floor of the great circle.

Then he came out of Xintian town.

Hundreds of people saw that ye Chen came out alive, and they all looked at each other.

"Ye Chen, how did you come out alive?"

A team member looks at Ye Chen to ask a way, he is really too curious, want to know that it is a senior beast emperor class fierce beast.

All the team members also looked at Ye Chen, just because they all wanted to know how ye Chen came out.

"Maybe that black tiger thinks I'm a good man, so let me go."

Ye Chen scanned hundreds of people and spoke slowly.


Hundreds of people were surprised when they heard the speech. Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

Black devil fierce tiger Think you're a good man?

This, this, this What's the reason for that.

Hundreds of people naturally don't believe it, but they don't want to ask Ye Chen any more.

"Let's go back."

Captain Wang Bing said to everyone.

Immediately, the crowd returned to the camp.


A warrior came to Ye Chen's side.

"Ye Chen, can you tell me how you escaped? That's a high-level beast, the black devil and the fierce tiger. "

"Yes, ye Chen, tell us about it."

A crowd gathered around.

Ye Chen smiles, he glances at the group of people in front of him, "if I say..."

"Would you believe me if I killed the black devil and fierce tiger with one blow?"

The crowd shook their heads after hearing the speech. Of course, they knew that ye Chen was joking.

It's a terrible strength to kill a senior beast with one blow.

Ye Chen saw that people did not believe it at all. He chose to be silent. No one would believe the truth in this world, and he had no way.

Set up the sun.

Captain Wang Bing found him.

"Ye Chen, you and I will go to the brigade headquarters."

Brigade department?

Ye Chen naturally did not know what the so-called brigade headquarters was.

Wang Bing saw the doubts on Ye Chen's face, and she explained to Ye Chen:

"the brigade department is the organization that governs all our teams."

Ye Chen heard the speech and understood it.

Then, they walked towards the brigade.

"Captain, do you want to go to the brigade headquarters?"

"Well, all our teams should be integrated to attack a disaster area with fierce beasts."

Listen to captain Wang Bing's words, leaf dust's face can't help but appear a touch of wonderful color.

It's just because he hasn't met the fierce beast disaster area for a long time.

Before long, they went outside the brigade headquarters.

At this time, hundreds of people appeared in the square of the brigade headquarters.

"High talent."

"Yellow talent."

"High talent."

People's talent constantly appears on the retina of leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, these people are all team leaders and vice leaders."

Team leader Wang Bing said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

"Oh, isn't this Wang Bing?"

Suddenly, a very disdainful voice appeared in the ear of leaf dust.

Then, a woman about the size of Wang Bing came over.

"Name: Lin Jing."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: high speed talent."

"Realm: Seven Star War general."

Women's talent and realm information appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Wang Bing saw the arrival of the woman, her face returned to the cold look!


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