I Copy Talents | Chapter 599 | The First Person In The Fifty Team Lin Jing

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Chapter 599 The First Person In The Fifty Team Lin Jing

 Lin Jing looks at Wang Bing ironically.

"Wang Bing, I heard you took over a new team?"

As soon as this word came out, all the people in the square also could not help laughing.

"However, with the strength of your four-star general, it is the most appropriate to take over the new team."

Speaking, Lin Jing's voice to disdain how much disdain.

"Lin Jing, what do you mean?"

Wang Bing looked at Lin Jing and asked.

Lin Jing a smile, "the meaning is very simple, I want to laugh at you."

In Lin Jing's opinion, her cultivation talent is yellow level, while Wang Bing's cultivation talent is only advanced and only a four-star general.

And she, but a seven star war general!


Wang Bing smell speech, look is more cold to the extreme!

But she knows that she is not Lin Jing's opponent at all!


Lin Jing is suddenly stunned. She looks at Ye Chen.

"Wang Bing, who is this little brother? You can have a good look."

Listen to Lin Jing's words, all the people on the square all cast their eyes on Ye Chen.


Then, all the people in the square couldn't help but take a breath, because they had never seen such a beautiful person as ye Chen.


Even if people in the square are relieved, the world has always been about strength. It's no use looking good. It's just a little white face.

Thinking of this, people in the square are relieved.

"Who are you, little brother?"

Lin Jing looks at Ye Chen with great interest.

Ye Chen was stunned. He did not expect Lin Jing to talk to him suddenly.

He thought he didn't provoke Lin Jing. How could Lin Jing turn the spearhead?


Ye Chen originally wanted to say his name, but after thinking about it, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Anyway, he is also a member of Wang Bing's team.

What's more, Wang Bing told him just now that all the leaders and vice leaders of the team came here!

Obviously, Wang Bing has regarded him as a vice captain.

"I don't want to tell you."

Ye Chen said to Lin Jing.

Lin Jing is surprised, her pupil is fierce a shrink, where to think that ye Chen will talk to her like this.

"Boy, you Do you know who I am? "

Lin Jing shouts coldly to the leaf dust!

The people on the square also play ignorant smile, they know that ye Chen has offended Lin Jing.

You know, Lin Jing is the first person in the 50 teams of the Longji army!

"I have no interest in knowing who you are."

Ye Chen said slowly, his face is very calm.


Lin Jing heard the speech and got angry.

"Wang Bing, this is your team member!"

Lin Jing coldly looked at Wang Bing, as if to get an explanation from Wang Bing.

When Wang Bing saw Ye Chen helping her, she sneered at Lin Jing and said:

"Ye Chen is indeed a member of our team."

"You should know I didn't mean that!"

Lin Jing looks at Wang Bing angrily.

"Ha ha."

Wang Bing is a cold smile, "Ye Chen always talks like this."


Lin Jing's pupil has already spurted out the general anger of magma.

"Boy, if you apologize to me, maybe I will spare you!"

Lin Jing turns his head and looks at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust slightly a Leng, think this Lin Jing how to see to him again, it is really boring.

"I won't apologize to you."

Ye Chen said seriously.


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