I Copy Talents | Chapter 600 | Seven Star Warrior Is It Very Strong

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Chapter 600 Seven Star Warrior Is It Very Strong

 All the captains and vice captains in the square were shocked.

Naturally, they don't know ye Chen.

Ye Chen looks like she is 20 years old, but they feel a strong arrogance from her.

"I repeat, I apologize!"

Lin Jing's face was extremely cold.

In the 50 teams of the Longji army, she is absolutely there!

People in the square all look at Ye Chen, and they want to know if ye Chen will apologize.

They even felt that if ye Chen didn't apologize, ye Chen's fate would be miserable, just because Lin Jing would definitely take action against Ye Chen.


Let the people on the square do not understand is why Wang Bing did not let Ye Chen apologize.

Is it possible that

Suddenly, people in the square all think of a surprising possibility, that is, ye Chen can defeat Lin Jing.

Otherwise, how could ye Chen be so arrogant in front of Lin Jing!

"Ha ha!"

But Wang Bing, who wants to kill you, is not Wang bingzhan

At this time, Lin Jing wants to understand that ye Chen must not know his strength.

All the people on the square understood what they said.

When Lin Jing says that he is a seven star general, they all look at Ye Chen, because they all know that ye Chen's face must be very beautiful at this time.

But let them in any case also did not think of is, at this time ye dust's face actually appeared a touch of sarcasm color.

"You, why don't you look scared?"

Lin Jing was stunned. She didn't think of it. Ye Chen's face showed a touch of sarcasm.

"Why should I look afraid?" Ye Chen laughed, "will the seven star war be very strong?"


As soon as the words came out, all the people present were shocked.

Seven Star War general Is it strong?

They did not dream that ye Chen would think that the seven star war would not be strong!

"You You What are you talking about? "

Hearing this, Lin Jingwen became angry.

"Wang Bing, I want to fight him now, you should not stop it!"

Lin Jing looks at Wang Bing.


Wang Bing shook his head.

With so many captains and vice captains present, only she knows that Lin Jing is absolutely impossible to be ye Chen's opponent.

Ye Chen in Xintian town a punch to kill the senior animal King level fierce beast black devil fierce tiger, she also vividly remember.

Although, the black devil fierce tiger is only equivalent to the eight star war emperor of human warrior.

See Wang Bing no objection, Lin Jing's face appeared a sneer.

"Boy, if you can catch me, I'll take you as a talent!"

As the voice fell, Lin Jing raised her hand.

On the palm of the hand, the terrible yuan force began to condense.

Everyone in the square knows that ye Chen can't catch Lin Jing's blow in any case.

Because Lin Jing is a seven star general.


All of a sudden, Lin Jing hit out with one hand.

I saw, an incomparably terrible yuan force impact towards the leaf dust, the speed is very fast.

But let people in the square did not expect that ye dust actually put up a finger.

And on his fingers, there is no element force.


People in the square looked at such a scene, they all looked at each other for a while.

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