I Copy Talents | Chapter 601 | Lin Jing Flying Upside Down

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Chapter 601 Lin Jing Flying Upside Down

 All the captains and vice captains in the square, they all opened their eyes.

Only because they all know that ye Chen can't catch Lin Jing's palm in any case.

But what they didn't think of was that ye Chen's face was still very calm, as if they had not seen Lin Jing's palm attacking him at all.

I saw that the terrible yuan force was about to hit Ye Chen's body.

And the finger that leaves dust erect, still do not have any element force.

Just when there is only a line between the terror element force and the leaf dust, the finger that ye dust stands up slightly on the attacking terrorist element force.

All of a sudden, the terrorist force that attacked him disappeared in an instant.


Looking at such a scene, all the people at the scene were shocked. They didn't expect to see such a scene even though they wanted to break their heads.

"How could it be?"

Lin Jing was also stunned. How much she could not believe her face, she could not believe it.

Silence, silence.

Ye Chen's face is naturally extremely calm.

Although Lin Jing is the strongest one among the captain of the Longji army, he is too weak in front of him.

"Impossible, definitely impossible!"

Lin Jing, however, was as mad as a madman, shouting at the leaf dust.

Ye Chen is not prepared to pay attention to Lin Jing.

But what he didn't expect was that Lin Jing was still ready to fight him.

I saw that Lin Jing put up her two palms, and the yuan strength had been fully displayed on both palms.


All the captains and vice captains at the scene were shocked. Of course, they didn't expect Lin Jing to attack Ye Chen.

"Ice crystal cloud arrow!"

Lin Jing drinks to the dust of the leaves.

Ye dust cold voice a smile, he really can't think of this Lin Jing why dare to him.

Just after Lin Jing's big drink, the arrow made of countless Yuan Li was shot out from her two palms.

Ice crystal cloud arrow is a ground level martial art, which is too weak in Ye Chen's eyes.

Ye Chen directly punched out.

Suddenly, an invisible force of terror attacked the past.

The ice crystal cloud arrow formed by countless element forces collided with the invisible terrorist force.


After watching such a scene, all the captains and vice captains on the scene were shocked.

Only because the countless ice crystal cloud arrows that hit the leaf dust have all turned into powder.

Everyone's eyes were wide open. In their eyes, it was just incredible.

"This, this, this..."

Looking at such a scene, Lin Jing was even more stunned. Where could she say a complete sentence.

"I didn't want to see you in the same way, but you're going to provoke me."

Leaf dust light looking at Lin Jing, "since it is such a word, that can not blame me."

The sound falls, the leaf dust impels the sky level intermediate martial arts skill day remnant spirit step.

Just in an instant, he came to Lin Jing's side.

Lin Jing looked at the moment to the side of the leaf dust, she can't help but be shocked.

But before she had time to speak, her whole body was already flying backwards.


People in the whole square, watching the appearance of this scene, were in an uproar.

And Lin Jing is heavily hit in the square above the gate.

At this time, a middle-aged man came out.

The face of middle-aged man looks at incomparably gloomy, "how to return a responsibility?"

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