I Copy Talents | Chapter 604 | The Worst Hit Area Of %E2%80%8b%E2%80%8bbeasts In Yunwu City

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Chapter 604 The Worst Hit Area Of %E2%80%8b%E2%80%8bbeasts In Yunwu City

 Br > "Tang Yunhao looks at the big team leader and says," let's see all the team leaders in the square. "


All the captains and vice captains on the square were shocked when they heard the speech, and their eyes opened for the biggest time in history.

Yunwu city is a disaster area with fierce animals. I don't know how many thousands of them are there.

"Captain, do you have to think about it?"

A captain quickly said to the captain.

"Don't worry, the front line is tight recently. The four regiments in the southeast, northwest and northwest have all retreated one after another. We have to take down Yunwu city and transport materials from Yunwu city."

Tang Hao, the captain, said.

Leaf dust smell speech, his face can not help but appear a touch of wonderful color.

Just because, he is in need of a disaster area like Yunwu city.

"Let's go back and get ready. Three days later, all the teams will gather in westtown."

Captain Tang Hao said to the crowd.

All the captains and vice captains on the square were lost in their senses after hearing the speech, and then they had to leave.

"Ye Chen, you live here."

Captain Tang Hao looked at Ye Chen, "I have something I want to tell you."

Ye Chen nodded.

After entering the brigade headquarters, Tang Hao asked Ye Chen to sit down, and then he said to Ye Chen:

"Ye Chen, have you heard of Yunwu city?"


Ye dust shook his head and came to the brigade headquarters before he knew that there was Yunwu city.

"In fact," Tang Hao, the captain, sighed, "if we want to attack Yunwu city with our present strength, it is really hitting the stone with eggs."

"There are three senior beast king level fierce beasts in Yunwu City, each of which is equivalent to the Ten Star War emperor, but this is not the most important one."

Tang Hao, the captain, pondered for a few seconds, then said to Ye Chen:

"the most important thing is that the Lord of Yunwu city is a fierce beast of animal dignity."

Beast is a fierce beast?

Ye Chen is also a little surprised. From the appearance of the captains and vice captains in the square just now, he can see that the murderers in Yunwu city are really strong, but he did not expect to be so powerful.

"Captain, isn't that going to die?"

Tang Hao, the captain, sighed heavily when he heard the speech, "there is no way to die. We are guarding the front line of the Dragon kingdom. If we lose the front line, the dragon power will be destroyed."

"What about the emperor?"

Ye Chen thinks that the emperor is not the God of war, and there must be countless strong men in the Dragon kingdom.

"Ye Chen, do you think that only our emperor is a warrior of war god level, and there is no fierce beast?"

When ye Chen hears the words, he is surprised and thinks of the fierce beast outside the defense line of the Dragon kingdom. Is it really terrible?

Captain Tang Hao was silent for a few seconds and then began to speak again:

"now we can only rely on you."

In Tang Hao's opinion, ye Chen is no longer a genius, but an absolute strong man.

"Try it."

Ye Chen said slowly.

He thought that if his real dragon body could break through to the eighth floor in Yunwu City, he might be able to turn the tide.

"By the way, I forgot to tell you, not only our team, but also the northern army and 30000 troops will join us in attacking Yunwu city."

Hearing this, ye Chen dispelled many doubts.

If we really attack Yunwu city with thousands of warriors, it will be hard for the gods to survive.

"Get ready. We'll leave in three days."

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