I Copy Talents | Chapter 605 | March Into Yunwu City

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Chapter 605 March Into Yunwu City

 Three days later.

All the teams were gathered in westtown.

There are fifty teams, each with a captain and a vice captain. There are a total of 100 people.

In ordinary small scenes, 5000 people are absolutely a lot.

But in Yunwu City, where there are tens of thousands of fierce beasts, 5000 people are really very few.

Before long, ye Chen and Tang Hao arrived.

When everyone saw the arrival of the captain Tang Hao, their fighting spirit became high and high.

Tang Hao, the leader of the team, came to all the people and said:

"now 20000 people of the northern army have arrived outside Yunwu city. Let's go!"

With the command of Captain Tang Hao, all the people are close to Yunwu city.

Before long, everyone was out of the city.

Twenty thousand troops of the northern army are on standby in Yunwu city.

"No talent."

"No talent."

"No talent."

Most of these people have no talent, but together they have a sense of coolness.

Ye Chen can't help feeling a little shocked by the coolness of 20000 people.

At this time, a middle-aged man came over.

The middle-aged man was dressed in military uniform, and his face was firm and resolute. He looked like he was in his forties, looking at him without anger.

"Name: Wang Kun."

"Cultivation talent: advanced."

"Hidden talent: high power talent."

"Realm: Five Star battle Zun."

The talent and realm information of the middle-aged man appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

The man is no other than the commander-in-chief of 20000 soldiers.

"Brother Wang Kun!"

Tang Hao, the captain of the team, quickly hugged the middle-aged man.

"Brother Tang Hao."

The middle-aged man returned the salute.

Immediately, Wang Kun said to Tang Hao:

"brother Tang Hao, although it is not good for us to attack Yunwu city this time, we can no longer retreat."

"I know."

Captain Tang Hao nodded.

Wang Kun's meaning is very clear, even die in Yunwu city.

"Everyone, would you like to fight for the Dragon kingdom?"



All the people present burst into a big drink.


Immediately, all of them entered Yunwu city.

Naturally, ye Chen came to Yunwu city with the army.

Just arrived at Yunwu City, he thought that no wonder it was called Yunwu city. The city was surrounded by clouds, which made people unable to see what was going on ahead.


Suddenly, all the people's ears were introduced into the terrible cry of fierce animals.

"Attention, fierce beast!"

I saw that countless fierce beasts rushed towards them.

The fierce beast is like the tide, the black clouds are on the top!


Wang Kun and Tang Hao export almost at the same time.

All of a sudden, all of them were fighting with fierce beasts.

Ye Chen also started.

He joined the scuffle, and everywhere he went, there was a stream of blood.

Not enough!

Not enough!

Ye Chen didn't know how many fierce animals she had torn.

Still not enough.

If the real dragon body wants to break through to the eighth floor, it is still far from enough.

Fortunately, this wave of fierce beasts was blocked by them.

And the Western Legion was also very heavy in history. Just after entering Yunwu City, they killed and wounded thousands of people.


Before they could repair it, the roar of countless fierce beasts appeared in everyone's ears again.

Innumerable fierce animals, every place that can be seen, there are countless fierce animals.

These ferocious beasts are charging at them with terrible speed.


Wang Kun drank.

"Wait a minute."

At this time, ye Chen said to Wang Kun.

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