I Copy Talents | Chapter 606 | Let Me Do It First

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Chapter 606 Let Me Do It First

 Wang Kun was surprised. He didn't expect Ye Chen to talk suddenly.

He turned his head and looked at Ye Chen.

"Who are you?"

Wang Kun gulps at Ye Chen.

"Wait for me to do it first."

Ye Chen said slowly.

"At this time, our vice captain Ye Chen."

Tang Hao, the captain, said in a hurry.

Wang Kun was stunned. He looked up and down at Ye Chen and found that ye Chen was too young.

A man of this age has become a vice captain?

Is Tang Hao's blunder, or is this man a real strong man?

I see, countless fierce beasts are about to arrive in front of all people.

At this time, ye Chen takes out the Juxing Epee from the system space.

His hand shook slightly!

All of a sudden, five phase talent, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, dragon talent, divine power talent, giant power talent, earth talent, and higher power talent all appeared on the Juxing epee.

It's a colorful sword.


Looking at the talent gathered on the Juxing Epee, everyone gasped. They quickly rubbed their eyes. Obviously, they couldn't believe it.


No matter how they rub their eyes, the result is the same.

My God!

Tang Hao, the captain of the team, looked at Ye Chen's so many talents that he couldn't help exclaiming, because he never dreamed that a person could have so many talents at the same time.

See, leaf dust jump up from the ground!

"Collapse God Split To Cut

As the words fell, the Tu Xing Epee cut down the fierce beast on the lower forehead.

All of a sudden, the sword spurred by the talent of weapon is interwoven with the power of countless talents.

It's a high-level skill of sky level!


Only a myriad of explosions were heard in everyone's ears.

This, this, this

Captain Tang Hao and Wang Kun watched such a scene, they were all frightened to the point that they could not recover for a long time.

When the explosion disappeared, everyone looked at them in a hurry.

However, it was found that only half of them were left.

A blow!

Just one shot!

So many ferocious animals are gone?!

All the people present opened their eyes for the biggest time in history, and their mouths were open enough to put down an oversized bowl.

Leaf dust fell to the ground.


At this time, the captain Tang Hao and Wang Kun came back to their senses and hurriedly cheered to all the people behind them.

All the people are fighting with high morale. They think that ye Chen exists in the team. What are they afraid of?

For a moment, everyone rushed to the beast.




All the people were murderous, and the rest of the fierce beasts all fled.

After breaking through the sky and splitting the earth, ye Chen's yuan strength was also consumed a lot, but his yuan strength was recovered at an astonishing speed.

Not because of anything else, just because he has a real dragon body!

"Ye Chen, you You You are so good. "

Wang Kun looked at Ye Chen in amazement and said.

"These fierce beasts are all small things, and the most important thing is the fierce ones in Yunwu city!"

When Wang Kun heard the speech, his face became very dignified.

Yunwu city not only has the beast emperor level fierce beast, also has the beast Zun level fierce beast.

"Go ahead."

Ye Chen said.

And then everyone moved on again.

Although Yunwu city is a severe disaster area, but the overall area is not very large.

Before long, everyone was surrounded by fierce beasts.

No one thought that the fierce beasts had already formed an encirclement, waiting for them to jump into it.

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