I Copy Talents | Chapter 607 | Teleport Talent

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Chapter 607 Teleport Talent

 "What's going on?"

Wang Kun cried out in a hurry.

All the people present were shocked. Naturally, they did not expect that they had jumped into the encirclement of fierce beasts.


Suddenly, a terrible beast roared into everyone's ears.

I saw a fierce beast attacked.

This fierce beast is as big as a stone and several feet tall. It's really frightening to look at it.

Just when the terrible beast was only 10 meters away from ye Chen, the talent of fierce beast appeared in his retina.

"Chengtian stone earth beast: fierce beast."

"Talent: teleport talent."

"Realm: Senior beast emperor level fierce beast."

Ye Chen looked at the talent of Chengtian stone and earth beast, and he couldn't help appearing a wonderful color on his face.

Blink talent?

Copy or not!

Then, four big characters appeared on the retina of leaf dust.

Ye Chen did not hesitate to choose to copy the instant talent of Chengtian stone earth beast.

He looked at the blink talent of replication.

Blink talent: can move 10 meters instantly.

He thought that it was OK. If he could move thousands of kilometers in an instant, the talent would be too bad.

I saw that the senior beast emperor level fierce beast Chengtian stone and earth beast stopped and looked at all the people in the encirclement circle.

"This is the stone and earth beast of Chengtian?"

Captain Tang Hao's voice was shaking.

"The stone and earth beast of Chengtian? It's mine

Suddenly, a warrior attacked, fast.

With a cold sword in his hand, the warrior was about to reach Chengtian stone and earth beast. When he jumped from the ground, he jumped several meters high, and then he slashed at Chengtian stone and earth beast.

All the people present are wide eyed!

I saw that the cold knife was about to be cut on the head of the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, Chengtian stone earth beast.

Chengtian stone earth beast, suddenly disappeared.

What's going on?!

All the people present were stunned. They didn't think that Chengtian stone and earth beast would suddenly disappear.

Is this Instant movement?

Captain Tang Hao's words rang out in the crowd.

When they heard this, they all looked at each other. How could they think that this high-level animal King level fierce beast could move in an instant.


Just listen, Chengtian stone and earth beast roared fiercely, and then blinked again to the warrior who held the cold knife.

The pupil of the warrior shrinks violently, and it is too late for him to escape.

The senior beast emperor level fierce beast Chengtian stone earth beast opened its mouth and swallowed the warrior holding a cold knife.

All the people present looked at such a scene, all as if struck by lightning!

"What to do?"

Team leader Tang Hao looks at Wang Kun.

Don't say it is in strength and the other side hit the stone with eggs, even in the number, they do not have any advantage.

What's more, everyone is at risk of being encircled and annihilated.

For a moment, all the people present felt a strong sense of despair.

At this time, a voice was introduced into the ears of Tang Hao and Wang Kun.

"I'll give it to me."

Tang Hao and Wang Kun are shocked when they hear the speech. They quickly turn back to see it.

I found that it was Ye Chen, not someone else!

"Leaf dust!"

Captain Tang Hao swallowed his mouth and spat, "you Are you sure? "

Wang Kun also looked at Ye Chen, who had shown such terrible strength just now.

"There should be no problem. It's just a senior beast king level fierce beast."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

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