I Copy Talents | Chapter 608 | Merciless Killing

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Chapter 608 Merciless Killing

 The captain Tang Hao and Wang Kun were surprised at the speech, and their faces all showed a look of astonishment.

No, it's just Senior beast king level fierce beast?

Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Ye Chen, did you make a mistake?" Tang Hao, the captain, looked at Ye Chen, "that's a senior beast emperor level fierce beast. What's not a senior animal emperor level fierce beast?"

Ye Chen smiles, "it's OK."

Captain Tang Hao and Wang Kun looked at the expression on Ye Chen's face. They could not help but look at each other.

"I'll give this high-level beast emperor level fierce beast to me. You can block the other fierce beasts first."

After that, ye Chen pauses for a few seconds, and then says:

"after I kill this high-level beast, I will help you kill other fierce beasts."

Captain Tang Hao and Wang Kun, they are absolutely shocked at this time.


Suddenly, I only heard the roar of the senior beast king level fierce beast Chengtian stone earth beast.

The roar was like an order, and the murderers who surrounded all of them rushed forward.


Tang Haoda, the leader of the group, cried out.

In a moment, the scuffle began!

And leaf dust, also urged the blink talent.

In less than a second, they arrived at the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, the stone and earth beast of the heaven.


Captain Tang Hao happened to see such a scene, his mouth was wide open.

He did not even dream that ye Chen had the talent of blinking.

Add Ye Chen's talent before showing, Captain Tang Hao can't believe how much talent Ye Chen has.

Not only Tang Hao, the captain, but also the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, Chengtian stone earth beast did not think of.

Its eyes were obviously wider than they had just been.

I saw that ye dust in front of Chengtian stone earth beast, he had already set up his fist.

Above the fists, all kinds of terrifying power talents have been condensed in his fists.

At the moment, ye Chen's fist makes people feel the extreme state of strength!


Suddenly, ye Chen's fists toward the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, Chengtian stone earth beast fiercely hit the past.

The power talent of all kinds of terror above the double fist also condenses a shock wave.

The shock wave looks so terrible that the space is splitting.


All kinds of terrifying power and talent interweave into the shock wave, heavy impact on the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, Chengtian stone earth beast.


Chengtian stone and earth Beast instantly sent out a painful wail.

I saw that the senior beast emperor level fierce beast, carrying heaven, stone and earth beast, flew out upside down.

However, ye Chen didn't give Chengtian stone and earth beast any chance to react. He once again urged the blink talent.

He hit the head of Chengtian stone beast with a fist.

Suddenly, the senior beast king level fierce beast, the stone earth beast's head turns into powder.

"Chengtian stone earth beast is dead, Chengtian stone earth beast is dead!"

Captain Tang Hao looked at such a scene, can't help but be surprised.

Then, ye Chen took the Juxing Epee from his back.

Holding the Juxing Epee, he cut out the high-level martial arts skills of the heaven level, breaking the sky and splitting the ground!

All of a sudden, countless weapons talent inspired by the sword, toward the fierce beast group.

Several terrible explosions appeared again. I don't know how many fierce beasts died.

Then, ye Chen held the Juxing epee and launched a merciless killing!!!

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