I Copy Talents | Chapter 609 | Countless Beasts

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Chapter 609 Countless Beasts

 After being killed by Ye Chen, the fierce beast lost its backbone.


After all, there are too many fierce beasts.

The team and the army are all dead and wounded!

For a moment, Yunwu city began to flow with blood.

Finally, the team and the army killed all the fierce beasts.

However, there are only a few hundred people left in the small team, and only more than 3000 people are left in the iron and blood army of 20000 people.

This situation, this scene, is not a tragic word can describe.

"Ding! Congratulations on the breakthrough of the host Zhenlong treasure to the eighth level. "

The sound of the system suddenly appears in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen is happy, thinking that the real dragon body has finally broken through to the eighth floor.

"Now there are many fierce beasts in Yunwu city. We are afraid that all of them will die in Yunwu city!"

Tang Hao, the captain, said.

Wang Kun also nodded, although he did not want to die, but this is also no way.

At this time, all the remaining people, their clothes are covered with fierce blood.

And their eyes are red.

Obviously, they were all red eyed.

"Everybody, keep going

With the command of Captain Tang Hao, all of them continue to go deeper into Yunwu city.

However, they are waiting for countless terror beast.

The party did not walk for long, but they met many fierce beasts.

There are so many ferocious beasts that there are too many of them, just like the top of a black cloud.

In front of these fierce beasts, there are two terrible beasts.

Extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet, early cloud five element tiger!

They are all high-level beast king level fierce!

The team and the army all stopped.

"I'm afraid," Tang Hao, the captain, had a wry smile on his lips. "This is where we are buried."

Ye Chen looks at the captain Tang Hao, and he really admires the Longji army.

After all, the dragonfly army is on the front line of the Dragon kingdom.

If it wasn't for the dragonfly army, the fierce beasts would enter the Dragon kingdom in large numbers.

When the time comes, life will be ruined!


A fierce beast of high rank animal emperor level, the extremely fire Silver Cloud scarlet issued a roar.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of fierce beasts will be crazy attack over, the speed is very fast.


Commander Tang Hao and Wang Kun give an order.

Immediately, everyone rushed out.

The scene begins It's terrible.

Ye Chen holding the Juxing Epee, step by step to the extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet, the first cloud five element tiger!

The first thing he had to do was to kill these two high-level beasts.

The extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet and the early cloud five element tiger are equivalent to the human warrior ten star war emperor's fierce beast.

He is now on the eighth floor!

It is too simple to kill the extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet and the early cloud five element tiger.

To the disappointment of Ye Chen, the talent of extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet and early cloud five element tiger is not good, and he has no plan to copy.

Ye Chen is holding the Juxing Epee, and he is already in front of the two high-level beast emperor level fierce beasts.


The extreme fire Silver Cloud scarlet and the early cloud five element tiger sent out a burst of roar, and then rushed to the leaf dust.

It's a pity that they have only one end in front of Ye Chen, that is, death.

The hand of Ye Chen holding the Juxing Epee trembles slightly, and the color of the Juxing Epee suddenly rises.

All the talents, at this moment, are condensed on the Juxing epee.


Ye Chen held up the Juxing Epee, and slashed at the two ends of the beast king level fierce beast.

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