I Copy Talents | Chapter 612 | Kill The Overlord Demon Flood

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Chapter 612 Kill The Overlord Demon Flood

 Ye Chen's words were not only heard by Tang Hao, but also by many people.

Their faces were all shocked.

Although, they have never seen such a terrible warrior as ye Chen.

However, to make them believe that ye Chen can kill the overlord of Yunwu city and the overlord Mojiao, they can't believe it in any case.

"Ye Chen, you, you Is that true? "

Tang Hao, the captain of the team, is very frightened and looks at Ye Chen and asks.

Ye Chen laughed, "Captain, do you think I'm joking?"

Team leader Tang Hao looked at Ye Chen's face and intuitively told him that ye Chen was not joking.


How could that be possible?

To know that the overlord of Yunwu City, Mojiao, is equivalent to the super existence of human warrior two star battle Zun!

Not only Tang Hao thinks so, but all the people present think so.

They can't believe that ye Chen can kill the overlord devil Jiao with one blow.

Ye Chen saw that people didn't believe him at all, and he laughed secretly.


Suddenly, ye Chen waved a sword to the tall building where the overlord demon Jiao was.

Suddenly, the high-rise building was cut in two and began to row down.


Looking at such a scene, all the people were stupefied.

They quickly rubbed their eyes, only because they thought they were wrong.

But no matter how they rub their eyes, the result is the same.

And the overlord magic Jiao of Yunwu city also fell down with the decapitated roof.


Only listen to overlord demon Jiao issued angry roar.


The decapitated roof falls to the ground, and the overlord demon sect of Yunwu city constantly roars at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face is very indifferent. After the real dragon's body is full, it adds great confidence to him.

He knew that the invincible fierce beast in the eyes of ordinary people was like a poor mole ant in front of him.

All of them were shocked to see the overlord devil Jiao in front of them.

In their eyes, the beast is too terrible!

See, the corner of the mouth of leaf dust rises slightly, outline on the face a touch of smile.

After the smile fell, he urged the sky level intermediate martial arts tiancanlingbu.

The speed of the leaf dust is as fast as the wind.

Before long, he arrived in front of the overlord of Yunwu City, the overlord devil Jiao.


The overlord demon Jiao saw the sudden leaf dust and sent out an angry roar.

Then, the overlord devil Jiao opened a big mouth, ready to swallow the leaf dust.

All of them were in their throats, the most nervous they had ever had.


In Yunwu City overlord demon Jiao's bloody mouth, only a line away from leaf dust.

A cold light flashed out!


Looking at the scene in front of us, all of us burst into an uproar.

In their opinion, this is really incredible.

Because, Cloud City overlord, Overlord demon Jiao's head has fallen to the ground.

And the overlord demon Jiao huge body, also thundered to the ground!

"Overlord devil, devil The devil is dead? "

"Oh, that's terrible

"It's terrible, I swear! Ye Chen is definitely the most terrifying warrior I have ever seen in my life. "

Everyone was stunned.

However, Tang Hao, the captain, couldn't help thinking of what ye Chen said to him just now:

"I mean, I can kill the overlord devil Jiao with one blow."

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