I Copy Talents | Chapter 615 | Lin Wu

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Chapter 615 Lin Wu

 Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, yelled at Lin Wu.

"Commander, I don't accept it!"

Lin Wu quickly said to Xiao zhantian.

"What do you have to disagree with?"

"I just don't believe he can do that anyway!"

Lin Wu said.

Ye Chen naturally knows Lin Wu's meaning, but he is not prepared to pay attention to Lin Wu.

After all, Lin Wu is just a star fighter.

One star wars in front of him, it is too weak.

After Lin Wu finished speaking, he looked at Ye Chen, and a look of sarcasm appeared on his resolute face.

"Ye Chen, tell me, is it someone else who killed the overlord Mojiao of Yunwu city?"

In Lin Wu's opinion, it must be someone else who killed overlord Mojiao. He would never believe that ye Chen could kill overlord Mojiao.

Ye Chen smiles and still ignores Lin Wu.

Seeing the smile on Ye Chen's face, Lin Wu can't help but get angry.

"Ye Chen, I asked you again, didn't you hear me?"

Lin Wu stares at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly. He didn't want to pay attention to Lin Wu, but Lin Wu would not give up.

"I think," Ye Chen looked at Lin Wu faintly, "I don't have any need to explain to you, do I?"


Hearing this, Lin Wu gnashed his teeth.

"Ye Chen, you look like a young man in his twenties. Do you think I will believe that you can kill the overlord Mojiao?"

Ye Chen laughed again and said to Lin Wu slowly:

"I didn't let you believe it. If you don't believe it, I have no way."

As soon as this word came out, Lin Wu couldn't help getting angry to the point where he couldn't help it!

"Ye Chen, do you dare to fight with me?"

Lin Wu was furious.

Everyone in the hall of the northern army headquarters looks at Ye Chen. They all want to know whether ye Chen will fight or not!

"You are just a star fighter, you should not be qualified to fight with me."

Ye Chen said slowly.


Hearing this, all the people in the hall of the northern army headquarters took a cold breath and looked at Ye Chen in amazement.

Obviously, they did not expect that ye Chen would say such a thing.

"Ye Chen, do you dare not?"

Lin Wu stares at Ye Chen, his face is already extremely cold.

Ye Chen shakes his head. He doesn't want to argue with Lin Wu. Why does Lin Wu have to fight him?

"If you want to insult yourself so much, I'll do it for you." Ye Chen said.

Lin Wu saw Ye Chen agreed, and his face couldn't help but smile.

"Ye Chen, go out to fight!"

The sound falls, Lin Wu then strides the meteor to go out!

In Lin Wu's opinion, ye Chen could not have beaten him in any case.

Ye Chen also went out immediately.

All the people in the hall of the northern army headquarters saw that ye Chen and Lin Wu had gone out. Where could they still sit still? They went out with them.

All the troops on the square were shocked.

Naturally, they don't understand what the generals are doing.

Ye Chen and Lin Wu confront each other.

Quiet, the needle can be heard!

With four eyes on each other, a great war seems to be coming.

"Ye Chen, you are not my opponent!"

Lin Wu said sarcastically to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not answer Lin Wu's words, his face appeared a touch of uninteresting color.

"If I am your opponent, I have to fight before I know."

Leaves from the mouth slowly.

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