I Copy Talents | Chapter 616 | Lin Wu And Ye Chen Fight

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Chapter 616 Lin Wu And Ye Chen Fight

 There are already thousands of people in the square.

They all knew Ye Chen was going to fight against Lin Wu.

However, they did not know who ye Chen was, and all of them were talking about it for a while.

"Who is this man who dares to fight general Lin Wu?"

"I don't know. If I dare to fight general Lin Wu, isn't it for death?"

"That's right. I don't know the height of heaven and earth. I don't think it's a character."

On the square, people disdain the words of the ear.

Ye Chen naturally heard these words, but these words did not make his face appear any fluctuation, he is still light looking at Lin Wu in front of him.

Lin Wujian has been up to now, ye Chen's face is still so indifferent, he can't help but hit by fire!

"Ye Chen, I'm going to do it!"


Ye Chen said.

On the high platform, Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, and the generals looked at such a scene, and they could not help talking about it.

"Commander, who do you think will win?"

A general looked at Xiao zhantian and asked.

"Leaf dust."

Xiao zhantian only answered these two words.

The generals were stunned when they heard the speech. Although they also guessed that the commander would say ye Chen would win, they did not expect the commander to answer so simply.

"Why, commander?"

The faces of the generals were full of confusion.

"Look down and you'll see." Xiao zhantian said slowly.

Turn the picture!

Lin Wu's face was so cold that it was terrible!

"Ye Chen, are you really afraid of me?"

In Lin Wu's eyes, ye Chen is now loading. On the surface, he is as calm as water. In fact, he is scared to death.

However, he really admired Ye Chen, who had such courage at such an age.

If he was the same size as ye Chen, he would have been scared to death if he met a star wars Zun who talked to him like this.

"Just a little star wars Zun," Ye Chen looked at Lin Wu indifferently. "I really don't understand why there is so much nonsense."


When this was said, all the people in the square were stunned. Of course, they did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

Little Just a star wars?

They did not even dream, how dare Ye Chen!!!

You know, a star wars Zun is an existence they can't even look up to.

"Ye Chen! I want you to look good! "

After hearing this, Lin Wu could not bear it. He rushed towards the leaf dust fiercely, and the speed was as fast as the wind.

After the completion of the real dragon body, ye Chen's combat power has been upgraded to an unparalleled level.

One star wars respect, he really does not pay attention to.

Everyone in the square opened their eyes. They didn't want to miss something wonderful.

But they also know that ye Chen has been defeated and there is no possibility of winning.

Lin wufei is about to reach Ye Chen's body. After that, he raises his fist and urges the talent of five phases!

Suddenly, Lin Wu's fist began to become colorful.

"General Lin Wu's five phase talent!"

"Five phase talent, so terrible!"

"General Lin Wu will win

Everyone on the square yelled.

Ye Chen smiles. Although Lin Wu has the talent of five phases, he is a mole ant in front of absolute power!

He thought that since Lin Wu made a fist, he would play with him.

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