I Copy Talents | Chapter 617 | Its Terrible Its Terrible

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Chapter 617 Its Terrible Its Terrible

 Just after Lin Wu's fist condensed five phase talent, ye Chen also gave a fist.

However, the blow he made was very understatement and looked weak.


All the people on the square looked at Ye Chen's fist, and they were all shocked.

Even Xiao zhantian and the generals on the high platform were stunned.

You know, Lin Wu's fist is full of five phase talent, but ye Chen's fist has nothing.

Which is stronger or weaker, you can see at a glance!

For a moment, all the people looked at Ye Chen pitifully, just because they all knew how miserable it would be.


Finally, their fists hit each other heavily.

But the next scene, but let all people are shocked.

Just because general Lin Wu flew out!

How probably?!

Looking at such a scene, all the people in the square couldn't help taking a breath. They quickly rubbed their eyes. They couldn't believe it was true.

But no matter how they rub their eyes, the result is the same.

A star wars Zun, Lin Wuzhen flies upside down.

I saw Lin Wu heavily fell on the ground, a face muddled up.

"How could that be possible?"

Lin Wu's face was astonished to the point that it could not be added.

At the moment, all the people in the square were stupefied.

Where did they think that ye Chen actually used his fist without any yuan force to let Lin Wu, a star wars master, fly upside down.

You know, Lin Wu's fist is full of five phase talent.

At this moment, all the people in the square don't know how to speak.

All the generals on the platform swallowed their mouths and spit in secret. They quickly looked at Xiao zhantian.

"Commander, what do you think?"

"What do you think? I always think ye Chen will win."

Said Xiao zhantian, commander in chief of the northern army.

Ye Chen looked at Lin Wu, who fell on the ground, and said:

"I said that you are just a little star wars master. Why don't you believe what I said?"


At this time, where can Lin Wu say a complete sentence? He looks at Ye Chen angrily.

"Ye Chen, I want to fight with you

The voice falls, Lin Wu jumps up from the ground and rushes towards the leaf dust again.

But this time, ye Chen didn't wait for Lin Wu!

It's talent. It's blinking!

See, leaf dust suddenly disappeared in place.


All the people on the square looked at such a scene, they could not help but turn pale.

No, no, No be missing?

They quickly look for ye Chen's figure.

When ye Chen appeared again, he was in front of Lin Wu.

Lin Wu looked at the leaf dust that suddenly appeared in front of him. He was so frightened that he quickly took a few steps back.

However, ye Chen has already punched out.

In any case, Lin Wu could not evade this blow.


When ye Chen punches Lin Wu's body, the sound comes out in the next second.

The so-called sonic boom is like this!

And Lin Wu also flew backwards.

All the people on the square, their faces have to be as scared as they are.

They had never heard of such a scene before.

"It's terrible. It's terrible!"

The generals on the platform could not help but cry out.

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