I Copy Talents | Chapter 623 | I Can Kill High Level Beasts

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Chapter 623 I Can Kill High Level Beasts

 Tang Hao, the captain, nodded. He said to Wang Bing:

"it's good to have ye Chen this time, or it will be bad."

Wang Bing naturally knows this, and she looks at Ye Chen gratefully.

"Thank you, Lord Ye Chen."

"Nothing to thank. I'm from the brigade, too."

Ye Chen said quietly.

Immediately, the party began to go down the mountain.

Before long, they returned to the brigade headquarters.

Half a month later.

Ye Chen arrived at the headquarters of the northern army.

Xiao zhantian, commander in chief of the northern army, nodded his head in relief when he saw Ye dust coming.

"Ye Chen, you are still here."

"I said I would come, and I would."

Ye Chen said.

Xiao zhantian, the commander-in-chief of the northern army, had some admiration for ye Chen.

He thought that when he was Ye Chen's age, he was so different from ye Chen.

"Now that the army of the northern army regiment has been assembled, it's time for us to hold the oath taking meeting."

Xiao zhantian said to Ye Chen.

Leaf dust nodded, "that we go now."

Then, the hall all people out of the headquarters, thinking of the boundary city to go.

Jiecheng is the first line of defense of the northern army.

The northern army had 300000 troops.

Before long, ye Chen saw the mighty army of 300000.

Although most of them are ordinary people, but such iron and blood momentum together, even let him have some fear.

He couldn't believe how many murders he had to experience before he was able to practice his iron and blood momentum.

"Ye Chen, the main battlefield is the other side of Tiannan city. The East, West and South legions are joined together. The emperor is in charge. Our northern army is to eliminate the fierce beasts outside the boundary city."

With that, Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, said with a bitter smile, "in fact, where is so easy? You should know that the fierce beast outside the boundary City, and the murderers with two high-level animal dignity, are equivalent to the existence of the Ten Star War Zun."

After listening to Xiao zhantian's words, ye Chen understands Xiao zhantian's worries.

At the same time, he also knew that there were not only the two big killers outside the boundary City, but also the overall strength should be stronger than the northern army.

After all, there are too many fierce beasts.

"Now that the emperor has declared war, we must at least contain the murderers outside the boundary City, and do not let them go to Tiannan to support them!"

Ye Chen thought of such a scene, he did not experience, do not know how to have the blood boiling!

After the full body of the real dragon, his fighting spirit is high, and he wants to kill a lot.

Now, he knew, the opportunity came.

"Commander, do you say there are two high-level beasts outside the boundary city? They are high-level beasts and fierce beasts?"


"I can kill a head."

Ye Chen said.

While speaking, ye Chen's voice is very quiet.


As soon as this was said, Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, and all the generals were stunned. How could they have thought that ye Chen would have said such a thing.

"Ye Chen, that's a fierce beast equivalent to the Ten Star Wars!"

Xiao zhantian, commander in chief of the northern army, said to Ye Chen.

"No problem, I can."

Ye Chen said slowly.

Xiao zhantian and the generals looked at each other.

Although Ye Chen easily defeated Lin Wu, if you want them to believe that ye Chen can kill high-level beast and high-level fierce beast, that is to kill them, and they will not believe it.

Xiao zhantian did not speak. He knew that such a genius as ye Chen was rare in the whole world. Naturally, he had the corresponding arrogance.

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