I Copy Talents | Chapter 625 | Superior Beast

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Chapter 625 Superior Beast

 Xiao zhantian, the commander-in-chief of the northern army, saw that ye Chen was on the Jue Tian demon tiger, and his face could not help but look flustered.

"Ye Chen, come back quickly. You are not the opponent of Jue Tian magic tiger!"

Xiao zhantian cried out to the leaf dust.

Leaf dust smell speech a smile, he thinks Xiao zhantian still despises him after all.

He showed a side face and looked at Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, and said:

"it's OK."

Xiao zhantian's whole body is shocked. Where does he think that ye Chen is really ready to fight Jue Tian magic tiger.

You know, Jue Tian magic tiger is a high-level beast, a fierce beast!


Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, suddenly thought of an amazing possibility, that is, ye Chen can kill the demon tiger!

However, this idea was immediately eliminated by him.

If you want him to believe that ye Chen can be so old, he would rather believe that the sky has fallen than ye Chen can.

I saw that the high-level beast Jue Tian Mo Hu roared at Ye Chen.


Then, Jue Tian devil tiger opened his mouth and attacked the leaf dust fiercely.

Ye Chen's real dragon body has been fully developed, and its combat power has reached the highest level. It is not difficult to kill high-level beast and high-level fierce beast.

When he was holding the halberd devil, he was only holding a line of the halberd devil.

This halberd is so fast that it can't be increased!

Because the distance is too close, the senior beast level fierce beast Jue demon tiger, can't escape such a halberd.

I saw that the three magic halberds were heavily stabbed in the mouth of Jue Tian Mo Hu, a fierce beast of high-level beast.


All of a sudden, the high-level beast Jue Tian Mo Hu sent out a scream.

Screams, earth shaking!

Ye Chen pulled out the three magic halberds in his big mouth!

The blood gushed out from the mouth of Jue Tian Mo Hu, a fierce beast of high rank beast, just like a flood.


Jue Tian magic tiger is a high-level beast. After he retreats for tens of meters, he stares at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sneers coldly. He knows that this high-level beast has no chance to live.

Then, he held the three magic halberds, step by step toward the Jue Tian magic tiger.

In the course of walking towards Jue Tian demon tiger, countless fierce beasts want to stop him.

At this time, ye Chen is already killing people, and Buddha is killing Buddha!

The three magic halberds are full of evil spirit!

Countless fierce beasts died at his feet.

Ye Chen's face did not have any fluctuation, he just looked at the Jue Tian magic tiger in front of him.

Finally, he arrived in front of Jue Tian magic tiger.


The high-level beast Jue Tian Mo Hu shouts at Ye Chen. He stares at Ye Chen.

Jue Tian Mo Hu knows that ye Chen is not easy to provoke!

So he didn't take the lead!

Ye Chen saw that Jue Tian devil tiger didn't hand to him, and the corner of his mouth couldn't help rising slightly.

Immediately, he inspired the blink talent!

In less than a second, leaf dust will be to the foot of Jue Tian magic tiger.

Jue Tian Mo Hu also has the talent of blinking!

However, ye Chen's real dragon body is a great success!

When jueten demon tiger just wanted to use blink talent, ye Chen had already stabbed out with three magic halberds and one halberd.

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