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Chapter 627 Good News From Tiannan

 Just when the tail of the colorful blue Python was about to hit the three magic halberds

Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, and all the generals opened their eyes wide.


Just listen. There's a loud noise.

With the fall of the loud noise, the snake tail of the colorful wild Python has already broken off from the body.


Looking at such a scene, Xiao zhantian and the generals all exclaimed, and they all gaped at Ye Chen.

But they found that ye Chen's face was as calm as water.

It's like breaking the tail of the colorful green python with one blow, just doing a trivial thing.

The high-level beast, the fierce beast, is naturally screaming.

It did not even dream that ye Chen was so terrible!

Ye Chen originally thought that the real dragon would be able to kill the murderer equivalent to the Ten Star War Zun after his body was full. However, he did not expect that it was so simple to kill a fierce beast equivalent to the Ten Star War Zun.

As the saying goes, a little cold light comes first, and then the gun comes out like a dragon!

Ye Chen holds the three magic halberds and continues to stab at the colorful green python. The speed is like lightning. The colorful green Python can't react at all.

The high-level beast, the seven colored green python, has lost its color because it has found that it can't escape.

The power of the three magic halberds of ancient magic soldiers is that we need not say much about it.

I saw that the three magic halberds heavily pierced into the body of the seven color wild boa, a fierce beast of high-level animal dignity!

High level beast, fierce beast, colorful blue python, fell heavily on the ground!

The ground was smashed out of a big hole instantly!

Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army corps, and other generals looked at such a scene, and they all opened their eyes.

Where did they think that ye Chen was such an existence!

Two fierce beasts equivalent to the Ten Star Wars of human beings, so easy to kill?

For a moment, Xiao zhantian and the generals were all frozen like clay sculptures.

After a long time, Xiao Zhan, commander-in-chief of the northern army, came back to his senses. He cried out:

"destroy the fierce beast!"

The soldiers are more brave than ever before! The fierce animals were defeated.

The fierce beast army saw that Jue Tian magic tiger and colorful blue wild Python were all dead, and their war spirit was lost!

Before long, the orc army disintegrated.

"Ye Chen, you are so terrible!"

Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, went to Ye Chen and said to him.

There was a deep adoration on his face.

Xiao zhantian has already regarded Ye Chen as an idol!

The generals are not the same.

Lin Wu, who had previously challenged Ye Chen in the headquarters of the northern army, was out of his wits at this time.

Directly now, he knew that ye Chen was so scared!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for breaking through the eight star war emperor. "

At this time, the sound of the system suddenly came into Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking that it is finally from the seven star war emperor to the eight star war emperor.

"Everybody, let's shout Ye Chen's name together!"

"Leaf dust!"

"Leaf dust!"


All of a sudden, all the people are shouting the name of Ye Chen, momentum enough to shake the sky and earth!

Ye Chen's face is still calm as water.

He thought that now he should be able to let the three magic halberds appear in front of outsiders, after all, his real dragon body has been greatly completed!

After a long time, a warrior rushed to the side of Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army.

"Commander in chief, good news is coming from Tiannan. The fierce beast has been defeated!"

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