I Copy Talents | Chapter 628 | Back To North District

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Chapter 628 Back To North District

 Just after ye put the three magic halberds into the system space, the sound came into his ears.

God thinks of the battlefield.

The East, South and West legions of the Longji army have millions of troops, and countless powerful warriors are fighting against each other together!

He couldn't imagine such a scene!

"The fierce beast is finally defeated!"

Xiao Zhan, commander-in-chief of the northern army, was greatly surprised and pleased.

"Now the emperor has prepared a class teacher."

The warrior said to Xiao zhantian.

Xiao zhantian nodded, "you go."

Immediately, Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, issued the order of the class division.

Half of the 300000 soldiers killed and wounded!

This is war!

Ye Chen also followed the northern army back to the boundary city.

Set up the sun.

Xiao zhantian, commander in chief of the northern army, looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Ye Chen, I am going to report your achievements to the emperor."

"Forget it."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

He came to the dragon's army for the breakthrough of the real dragon body, not for fame and wealth.


Xiao zhantian and the generals in the hall were all stunned when they heard the speech. Naturally, they didn't expect Ye Chen to refuse.

"Because," Ye Chen thought for a moment, "I am a low-key person."


Xiao zhantian and the generals were surprised, but they didn't think that ye Chen would say so.

"Ye Chen, are you sure?"

Xiao zhantian stares at Ye Chen.


Leaf dust nodded, his face is very calm.

Seeing that ye Chen was so firm, Xiao zhantian did not say much.

"By the way, I'm going back."

Ye Chen suddenly said.

Xiao zhantian and the generals were stunned again when they heard the speech. They looked at Ye Chen with consternation.

"Ye Chen, you Are you going back? "


"Back to where?"

"North District."

Finish saying, leaf dust then slowly walked out of the hall.

Only left Xiao zhantian and the generals a face of consternation in situ.


North District.

Ye Chen returned to the North District.

He thought it was a long time since he came back.

"Go and see Qianqian first."

Ye Chen murmured to herself.

The sound falls, he then toward snow Silver Palace but goes.

Before long, he arrived outside the ice snow Silver Palace.


Suddenly, a middle-aged man called Ye Chen.

"Name: Zhang Biao."

"Cultivation: talent."

"Hidden talent: advanced speed talent."

"Realm: three stars war emperor."

The talent and realm information of the middle-aged man appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Chen did not expect that the middle-aged man in front of him would suddenly stop him.

"I'm one of the mentors of the ice snow Silver Palace. You don't seem to be a disciple of the ice snow Silver Palace?"


Ye Chen looks at the middle-aged man, but he is a little curious. How can the middle-aged man know that he is not a disciple of the ice snow Silver Palace.

"Because of your clothes."

Zhang Biao looked at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen heard the speech and understood it. He thought that the disciples of the ice snow Silver Palace were all wearing special clothes made by the ice snow Silver Palace.

"Since you are not a disciple of the ice and snow Silver Palace, what are you doing in my ice snow Silver Palace?"

Zhang Biao said, staring at Ye Chen.

His intuition told him that ye Chen was not a good man.

Leaf dust a smile, "I go in to see you ice and snow Silver Palace chief big disciple."


Zhang Biao naturally did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You go to see Liu Qianqian?"

Zhang Biao is very puzzled looking at Ye Chen.

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