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Chapter 632 Pluto Evil Organization

 Leaf dust smell speech to stop the pace, he turned to look at the alliance leader Gao Yuan and the four big league elders.

"Alliance leader, there is nothing to be afraid of."


Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, and the four elder guardians of the League were stunned. Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"Ye Chen, you are only the eight star war emperor, but the other side is two-star war Zun."

The leader Gao Yuan thought whether ye Chen had made a mistake.

Ye Chen laughed, "leader, although I'm just the eight star war emperor, it's easy to kill a two-star war Zun."

After hearing this, the leader Gao Yuan and the four elder guardians of the League were all stunned. Naturally, they did not expect Ye Chen to be able to say such a thing.

Eight star war emperor can kill two star war Zun?

Are they crazy about ye Chen?

"Ye Chen, I don't understand."

The leader Gao Yuan looks at Ye Chen with consternation.

"Leader, I know that it's unnecessary to explain it now. You'll know when I come back from Beiqiu mountain."

Immediately, the leaf dust then went out of the hall.

The leader Gao Yuan and the four chief guards looked at each other. Of course, they didn't understand what ye Li meant.

"Leader, do you think there is something wrong with Ye Chen's head?"

An elder of the League of protection was astonished and looked at Ye Chen and asked.

"See then."

The leader Gao Yuan said.


North Hills.

A group of huomen's disciples are killing fierce animals in Beiqiu mountain.

"These fierce beasts are so weak."

"Yes, I think I can kill these beasts alone."

"Who said no, so did I!"

There are more than ten disciples in this group. They are all the favored children of huomen.

"I don't think we should take it lightly."

Shi Ling said.

"Look, there are fierce beasts."

A disciple pointed to a place and said.

Immediately, all of them followed the direction of the disciple's finger.

It was found that dozens of fierce beasts appeared in front of them.


Immediately, more than a dozen disciples of the fire gate rushed towards the group of fierce beasts for a hundred years.

Before long, dozens of fierce beasts were all killed by this group of heaven's favorite sons of huomen.

"How dare you come to Beiqiu mountain

Suddenly, a sarcastic voice came to all of them.

More than a dozen fire gate disciples quickly followed the sound to see the past.

They found dozens of men in front of them.

"You Who are you? "

Asked a disciple of huomen.

"Ha ha!"

Dozens of men sneered at the speech.

"Have you heard of the underworld evil organization?"

What what?!

A dozen of huomen's disciples were all shocked. Of course, they didn't expect that these dozens of people were members of the evil organization of Hades.

"We are fire gate people. If you dare to do anything to us, do you believe it..."

Before the voice fell, he was interrupted by a three-star war emperor of the underworld evil organization.

"I don't care who you are, you can't escape the fate of death since you come to Beiqiu mountain!"

As soon as this was said, dozens of men behind the three-star war emperor all sneered. In their view, the favored son of huomen was already a dead man.

"We're not soft persimmons either. It's a big deal that fish die and the net is broken."

Shi Ling stares at the three stars and speaks coldly.

Ha ha ha ha!

Three star war emperor and dozens of men actually burst out laughing.

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