I Copy Talents | Chapter 633 | Ye Chen Is Here

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Chapter 633 Ye Chen Is Here

 Sanxingzhanhuang and dozens of men seem to have never heard such a funny joke.

They look at Shi Ling ironically.

"Don't you think that's a little funny?"

Three star war emperor disdains extremely looking at Shi Ling to say.

When Shi Ling saw this, she couldn't help gnashing her teeth.

"What do you want?"

"What do you want?"

Three star war emperor coldly smile, "actually also don't want how, just want you to die."

More than a dozen disciples of the fire gate all had a look of horror on their faces, only because they felt the strong breath from the whole body of the three star war emperor.

"You..." Shi Ling looked at the three-star war emperor in front of him, "aren't you afraid of our fire door?"

"Of course not. FireGate is a fart."

The sarcasm on the face of the three-star war emperor is even more obvious.

"Well, I don't want to talk to you anymore. Just die."

With the voice of the three star war emperor, dozens of men behind him rushed to the disciples of the fire gate.

More than a dozen disciples of the fire gate were all shocked, and they were at a loss.

Shi Ling's white face turned pale at this time.

She knew that they would never be rivals of the warriors of the underworld evil organization.

At this critical moment, a lazy voice came into everyone's ears.

"Stop it."

The underworld evil organization dozens of men, they all stopped at the sound of the past.

Their faces were all shocked because they found a teenager walking slowly towards them.

The more than ten disciples of huomen looked at the young people coming, but their faces were pleasantly surprised.

Naturally, they know ye Chen.

"Leaf dust!"

Shiling's white face was also overjoyed. Naturally, she did not expect that ye dust would suddenly appear at this time.

Leaf dust's face with a touch of lazy color, he walked slowly to the body of stone spirit, light looked at the eyes of the underworld evil organization people.

"How do you want to die?"

While speaking, ye Chen's voice is very quiet, even calm.

Hearing this, the three-star emperor and dozens of men were shocked.

Only because they did not dream that ye Chen was so brave.

"Boy, do you know who we are?"

Three star war emperor stares at Ye Chen and says.

Ye dust shook his head, "I don't care who you are, I just know you are going to die."


The three-star war emperor couldn't help gnashing his teeth.

"Boy, I can tell you that we are from the underworld evil organization!"

The three-star war emperor was elated when he said that they were the evil organization of Hades.

Because he knew that ye Chen would be frightened by their evil organization.

However, what he did not think of was that there was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face, as if he had not heard anything at all.

See here, the three-star war emperor and dozens of men are all stunned.

The more than ten disciples of huomen saw Ye dust coming, so they were not afraid.

Just because they all know the strength of Ye Chen.

In their view, leaf dust is to make them unable to overstep the mountain like existence!

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