I Copy Talents | Chapter 634 | You Are Not Qualified To Admire Me

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Chapter 634 You Are Not Qualified To Admire Me

 Sanxingzhanhuang looks at Ye Chen. He has never seen anyone like Ye Chen before.

"Boy, I admire you very much, I really admire your courage and determination!"

The three star war emperor said coldly to the leaf dust.

Leaf dust a smile, "do you have the qualification to admire me?"


As soon as the words came out, the three-star war emperor and dozens of men were all shocked.

They didn't think ye Chen was so arrogant.

"Boy, do you want to die soon?"

The face of the three-star war emperor has become extremely cold.


Ye dust shook his head, "you a small three-star war emperor, don't you think your words are really ridiculous?"

Hearing this, dozens of men became angry.

"Boy, since you think my words are ridiculous, then I can't make you laugh!"

Immediately, dozens of men rushed towards the leaf dust.

Ye Chen looks at dozens of men from the evil organization of Hades. What kind of talent should he use?

Like these ants, you can kill them with any talent.

He chose the high power talent among the many power talents.

I can see that the high power talent has been attached to Ye Chen's fist.


He punched out.

Suddenly, the invisible force of terror burst out.

Dozens of men felt the force of terror coming at them, and they were all frightened.

Only because they think that these forces are too terrible!

Ah, ah, ah!

In an instant, the scream came.

But dozens of men of Hades evil organization, they have all fallen to the ground, where there is a little bit of life ah.


Looking at such a scene, the emperor of the three stars could not help but get out of his wits. He quickly stepped back, and his face became more and more frightened.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the three-star war emperor lightly, "do you still think you are qualified to admire me?"

Where can the three-star war emperor still be able to say a complete sentence.

The more than a dozen disciples of huomen were all frozen in place like clay sculpture.

They know that leaf dust is very strong, but how can they think that it is so strong.

I saw that ye Chen walked slowly towards the three-star war emperor.

Seeing ye Chen coming to him, the emperor of the three stars battle had already been frightened to the point of no more.

"You, you, you Don't come here. "

Three star war emperor big fright to leaf dust said.

Leaf dust a smile, "do you think I really won't come over?"

"I am a member of the underworld evil organization. If you dare to do anything to me, we will not let you go."

Ye Chen thought that the words of the three-star war emperor were really funny.

I saw that he came to the body of the three star war emperor.

The three-star war emperor has already scared three souls out of two, seven spirits out of six.

"Please, let go..."

The three-star war Emperor just wanted to beg for mercy from ye Chen, but unfortunately, ye Chen did not give him this opportunity.

Before he could finish his words, ye Chen clapped his palm on the head of the three star war emperor.


Only listen to the three-star war emperor scream, his life will disappear in this world forever.

More than ten of huomen's favourites were shocked.

Although they are absolute genius in the gate of fire, they are very different from ye Chen!

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