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Chapter 636 So Called Hospitality

 Ye Chen's face was very calm. He asked the five-star emperor in front of him:

"is it really ridiculous if I ask again?"

"Of course

The five-star emperor replied again.

His face was still full of sarcasm.

After the five-star war emperor's voice fell, ye Chen urged the blink talent!

Suddenly, the leaf dust disappeared in place.

The five-star war emperor and dozens of men were all startled. Naturally, they did not expect that ye dust would suddenly disappear.

Ah, ah, ah!

In the five-star war emperor looking for ye Chen's figure, the scream has already appeared behind him.


The five-star war emperor looked at him, and found that ye Chen had appeared behind him.

However, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that dozens of men behind him have fallen to the ground and have no vitality.

"Now," Ye Chen looked at the five-star war emperor lightly, "do you still feel ridiculous?"

Where can the five-star war emperor still be able to laugh out? How scared is his face.

A dozen huomen disciples all stayed in silence again. They only thought that ye Chen was really terrible!

At least, they have never seen such a genius!

"Go and tell your leader that I have come here!"

Ye Chen said faintly to the five-star war emperor.

"You, what's your name?"

The five-star warlord looked at Ye Chen in horror.

"Leaf dust."

Ye Chen said his name again.

Hearing Ye Chen's name, the five star war emperor could not help but step backward.

Only because he had heard the name of Ye Chen.

Super League emissary of the warrior alliance!

Then, the five-star war emperor fled the place like an amnesty, the speed has reached the fastest time in history.


Hades evil group headquarters.

When the leader Jin Hu and all the warriors were talking about something, the five-star war emperor came in.

"No, chief!"

Jinhu, the leader of the evil organization of Hades, is very confused. He really can't understand what happened to make a five star war emperor panic to such a degree.

"Come on, what happened."

Jinhu, the leader of the underworld evil organization, said to the five-star war emperor.

The five star war told everything.


Jinhu, the leader of the underworld evil organization, looks cold when he hears the speech.

"The warrior alliance Super League makes Ye dust?"

The hall of martial arts is also very surprised.

"How many of them are there?"

"Looking back, there are only a dozen of them. They all seem to be young people."

King of the underworld evil organization leader Gold Tiger smell speech, he secretly grow a breath.

"Ye Chen, do you really know that the sky is high and the earth is thick?"

Jinhu, the leader of the underworld evil organization, naturally has heard of Ye Chen. At this time, in his opinion, ye Chen is completely a maniac who does not know the height of heaven and earth.

"Chief, what do you think we should do now?"

The five-star war emperor was shocked to see the leader of Hades' evil organization, Jin Hu, and asked.

Jin Hu sneered, "what should I do?! Since ye dust came to our underworld evil organization to die, if we don't fulfill him, then is it that we don't know how to treat guests

Voice down, the leader of the underworld evil organization Gold Tiger slowly walked out of the hall.

All the warriors in the hall saw this, and they went out with them.


Outside the underworld evil organization.

Ye Chen and more than a dozen disciples of huomen are waiting for the arrival of the underworld evil organization.

The more than ten disciples of huomen still have a look of horror on their faces.

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