I Copy Talents | Chapter 639 | Kill The Golden Tiger

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Chapter 639 Kill The Golden Tiger


When the leader of the evil organization of Hades saw the sudden disappearance of leaf dust, his pupil couldn't help but shrink.

How could he have thought that the dust would suddenly disappear!

In his hurry to find the figure of Ye Chen, ye Chen has come to him.


Jinhu, the leader of the underworld evil organization, was shocked. When he just wanted to speak, ye Chen had already patted his head.


The speed of Ye dust is too fast, so fast that the leader of the evil organization of Hades, Jin Hu, has a fundamental reaction.

I saw that ye Chen's palm was heavily patted on the head of golden tiger, the leader of the evil organization of Hades.

Golden Tiger's head, instantly broken!


The appearance of such a scene made hundreds of warriors of Hades' evil organization gasp and stare at the scene in front of them.

"Chief The leader is dead? "

Hundreds of warriors of Hades' evil organization were all shocked.

And the fire gate disciples, they also like petrified general frozen in place, where to think of the Hades evil organization leader Jin Hu so dead.

You know, Jinhu, the leader of Hades evil organization, is a two-star warrior!

An existence that makes them look up to is killed in this instant?

Quiet, the needle can be heard!

All the people of the underworld evil organization dare not speak. They look at Ye Chen in horror.

They just feel that ye Chen is not a person anymore, but a devil from hell!

"Why have you changed your face?"

Ye Chen looks at the underworld evil organization people, his face can not help but appear a look of doubt.

The evil organization of Hades heard this, and they were all like falling ice caves.

Just because they did not expect that ye Chen would say such a thing.

"Ye Chen, you How dare you kill our leader? "

A seven star war Zun looked at Ye Chen and said.

With a smile, ye Chen began to speak slowly:

"it's just a little two Star Warrior. If you kill it, you'll kill it."

All the disciples of huomen thought that ye Chen was too overbearing. At least they had never seen such a domineering person as ye Chen.

"Leaf dust!"

Suddenly, a star wars Zun looks extremely cold.

"You killed the leader of our underworld evil organization. Do you think you won't pay for your life?"

The Star Wars statue spoke coldly to the leaf dust.

"Is it?" Leaf dust a smile, "but I really can't think of, how should you let me pay for my life."

Now his real dragon body is full, not to mention one star wars Zun, but ten Star Wars statues?

Yixingzhanzun is the vice leader of the evil organization of Hades. Hearing Ye Chen's words, he can't help but get angry to the extreme.

Then, the vice leader of the underworld evil organization sent out the rage of thunder!

"Together! Avenge the leader

At the command of the vice leader of the evil organization of the Hades, hundreds of warriors attacked Ye Chen and the fire gate disciples.

Looking at such a scene, the fire gate disciples, their faces all returned to the color of horror again.

Ye Chen looked at the hundreds of warriors of Hades evil organization, and he shook his head secretly.

If the world is talking about quantity, why do you need martial arts?

Immediately, he raised his fist.

On the fist, the talent of dragon, the talent of divine power, the talent of great power, the talent of earth and the talent of high power are all attached to the fist!

Just wait for one punch!

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