I Copy Talents | Chapter 644 | Fight Against The Leader Gao Yuan

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Chapter 644 Fight Against The Leader Gao Yuan

 "Why did the leader go to the arena?"

"I don't know. Who will the African Union fight against?"

"It's impossible. The leader is the most powerful existence in our northern district."

All the people in the square began to talk. Naturally, they didn't know what the leader wanted to do when he stepped into the arena.

For a moment, the people on the square gathered more and more!

Then, ye Chen walked slowly towards the challenge arena.

"Special League envoy, also want to step on the challenge arena?"

"No, isn't it possible that the Lord of the grand alliance is going to fight the leader?"

"I think so."

People on the square saw Ye Chen getting closer and closer to the challenge arena, and their faces were shocked.

Only because they feel that ye Chen is going to fight the leader!


What they don't understand is that the leader of the alliance is the Ten Star Warrior!

Although they all know that ye Chen is very strong, it is nothing in front of the alliance leader. Is this war necessary?

As expected and they thought, ye dust really went to the challenge arena!

The people on the square saw Ye dust really walked onto the challenge arena, and their faces were more shocked.

Previously, they only guessed wrong, but now they are all true.

The four elders of the League of protection looked at such a scene on the high platform, and they all shook their heads.

They know that ye Chen can never be the rival of the leader!

There are more and more people in the square.

On the challenge arena, the leader Gao Yuan and ye Chen confront each other.

"Ye Chen, do you have to fight with me?"

Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, has a smile on his face.

Leaf dust nodded, "yes."

The leader Gao Yuan pondered for several seconds. He didn't believe that ye Chen's real dragon body was really full. There was no doubt about it, but he didn't understand why Ye Chen was so calm.

He thought that he should be able to beat Ye Chen with one blow.

Everyone in the square also knows that ye Chen can't be the rival of the leader in any case.

After all, the gap in strength is too big.

All the people in the square opened their eyes. They wanted to see that ye Chen could withstand the leader's attack!

"Ye Chen, I'll do it."

The leader Gao Yuan said to Ye Chen.


Leaf dust nodded, did not say much.

After the alliance leader Gao Yuan's voice dropped, he went out.

Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, flew towards the leaf dust and attacked it with great speed.

He blows off with a fist, and a golden force sweeps across his fist, just like the casting of gold, and the space is shattered.

"Is this the strength of the leader?"

Looking at such a blow, people in the square all opened their eyes. They felt that such a blow was too terrible.

At the same time, they all know that leaf dust can not be caught in any way.

What everyone in the square never imagined was that ye Chen's fist didn't come with any element force.


People in the square looked at each other, and they thought whether ye Chen was going to catch such a blow with his fist without any additional force?

I saw that the golden yuan force swept across the space, and the strong wind surged to form a terrible shock wave. It hit the leaf dust, and it was about to reach the leaf dust.

At this time, ye Chen also waved out a fist.


However, this fist is still not attached to any element force!

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