I Copy Talents | Chapter 651 | Canglong Tower

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Chapter 651 Canglong Tower

 Ye Chen nodded.

He thought that Xiao Lu knew he would come, but Xiao zhantian told her that it was nothing to be surprised at.

"By the way, ye Chen, my grandfather has told me that it is not your power to kill two high-level beasts and high-level fierce beasts. I can have an equal dialogue with you."

Xiao Lu said to Ye Chen.

Outside the Martial Arts Alliance, she knew Ye Chen's identity. She didn't dare to call ye Chen's name. She had to call her elder Ye Chen, but she didn't use it now.

Ye Chen doesn't care whether Xiao Lu calls him ye Chen or his elder.

"Ye Chen, you have just entered Canglong hospital, you can only enter the new district."

Xiao Lu said.


Ye Chen nodded.

He came to the Canglong courtyard just out of curiosity. Now, in addition to the emperor's River night, who else is his opponent?

"Ye Chen, can I take you to the new college now?"

Xiao Lu looks at Ye Chen tentatively and says.

"Wait a minute."

Ye Chen stopped Xiao Lu. What did he think of.

"Is there any place full of vitality in Canglong courtyard?"

"Yes, Canglong tower."

Xiao Lu said to Ye Chen.

"Then I won't go to the freshman's college. You can take me to Canglong tower." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.


Xiao Lu was stunned when she heard the speech. Naturally, she didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"But ye Chen, you are a new student of Canglong courtyard. Canglong tower is in laoshengyuan. You can't..."

Before Xiao Lu finished, she was interrupted by Ye Chen.

"Don't worry about that. You just need to take me." Ye Chen said.

Xiao Lu's white face appeared a touch of amazement, a few seconds later, it was finally back to God.

"Ye Chen, do you have to go to Canglong tower?"


Ye Chen only said one word, but this one word represents his firmness.

"Well, I'll take you to Canglong tower, but you can't go in."

Ye Chen did not answer.

Xiao Lu looks at Ye Chen and doesn't answer. She can't help but feel worried on her white face.

Then Xiao Lu went to Canglong Pagoda with Ye dust!

Before long, ye Chen saw the Canglong Tower!

Fifty four stories high! The whole body is blue, it looks very good.

At this time, there are many students under the Canglong tower. Obviously, they are all ready to attack the Canglong Tower!

Ye Chen felt the vitality from all directions suddenly hit him madly. He thought that the vitality inside the Canglong tower must be very terrible!

After all, he's still out there, and there's such a tremendous momentum sweeping in.

Finally, Xiao Lu and ye Chen arrived under the Canglong tower.

"Ye Chen, this is the Canglong tower."

Xiao Lu whispered to the leaf dust.

"Sister Lu."

Suddenly, a girl ran over.

The girl is very cute, just like a porcelain doll.

"Name: Lin Xiaoyu."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: high speed talent, gold talent."

"Realm: the king of three stars battle!"

The girl's realm is equal to Xiao Lu!

"Why? He is...?! "

Lin Xiaoyu looks at Ye Chen in doubt.

Ye Chen is naturally not interested in Lin Xiaoyu.

"His name is Ye Chen, yes, yes..."

But Xiao Lu didn't know how to answer it. The freshmen of Canglong academy can't come to Canglong tower.

If she is found out, even if her grandfather is the supreme commander of the northern army, the existence of the terror of the Ten Star Warrior will inevitably be punished by the college.

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