I Copy Talents | Chapter 652 | Newborn Cannot Come To Canglong Tower

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Chapter 652 Newborn Cannot Come To Canglong Tower

 Lin Xiaoyu see Xiao Lu did not say, she looked at the leaf dust.

"Who are you? You look good."

Lin Xiaoyu smiles at Ye Chen and says that she has never seen such a beautiful person as ye Chen.

"I'm a freshman in Canglong Academy."

Ye Chen thinks that if you don't tell Lin Xiaoyu, Lin Xiaoyu will be endless.


The sound of leaf dust is not big, but it is enough for many people around to hear it.

All the students around were shocked. They didn't think ye Chen would be a freshman.

Freshmen How dare you come to Canglong tower?

"You, are you a new student of Canglong academy?"

Lin Xiaoyu was naturally surprised.

Xiao Lu in the side saw this, she was a little bit impatient, thinking how ye Chen didn't understand it, how dare you say such words.

Ye Chen, she is really disappointed with him!

"Yes, is there anything strange about it?"

A look of doubt appeared on Ye Chen's face.

"Of course, it's strange that the freshmen of Canglong courtyard can't come to Canglong tower."

Lin Xiaoyu said to Ye Chen in a hurry.

She finally understood why Xiao Lu didn't tell her who ye Chen was.

Ye Chen didn't answer, but he knew that if he wanted to impact the Canglong tower today, I'm afraid it would have to be some trouble.

Sure enough, a slightly handsome student came to Ye Chen's side. He looked at Ye Chen coldly.

"New comer, I'll take it as if you don't know. You can leave now."

There was a look of irony on the student's face.

"Name: Zhang Hong."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: great power talent, native talent."

"Realm: four star war king."

This student's talent and realm information appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Ye Chen, he is the granddaughter of the commander-in-chief of the eastern army, and we can't afford it."

Xiao Lu suddenly whispered to the leaf dust.

Under the jurisdiction of the Longji army, the East, South, West and North four legions, of which the strength of the East army is the most terrible!

Ye Chen laughed to himself.

"I just came to see it."

He said to Zhang Hong.

Zhang Hong was stunned. He didn't expect Ye Chen not only didn't leave, but also said such words?

"What do you mean to come and have a look? Do you know that freshmen can't come to Canglong tower?"

Zhang Hong looks at Ye Chen with great disdain. He has regarded Ye Chen as a complete fool.

Around the students also some can't help but laugh, they all think ye Chen is a little too funny.

"Who said that?"

The leaf dust is exported again.

"What?" Zhang Hong Zheng Zheng Zheng, "this is the Canglong courtyard's stipulation, who also said, is really a fool!"

Some of the students around him began to burst out laughing.

Is he a fool, you say

"I think he must be a fool, otherwise why don't you leave?"

"Ha ha, that's interesting."

All the students whispered.

Xiao Lu also looks at Ye Chen with great disappointment. Previously, she was respectful to Ye Chen because she thought it was Ye Chen's strength that killed the two high-level beasts!

Now she knows that it is not ye Chen's strength that she has no need to respect Ye Chen.

Moreover, she also does not need to offend Zhang Hong for ye Chen!

Everyone looked at Ye Chen like a fool, but what they didn't expect was that there was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face.

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