I Copy Talents | Chapter 653 | I Care What You Do

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Chapter 653 I Care What You Do

 Zhang Hong is also a Zheng, he certainly did not expect Ye Chen at this time can be so calm!

"You didn't hear what I said, did you?"

Zhang Hong looks at Ye Chen.

All the students around looked at Ye Chen, and they wanted to see how she would answer.

Seeing ye Chen smile, he looks at Zhang Hong faintly and says slowly:

"do you really think you are qualified to talk to me?"


As soon as the words came out, all the people present took a breath of cold air. In any case, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

Don't Ye Chen know the background of Zhang Hong?

That's the grandson of the commander of the eastern army!

They found that ye Chen's face was still as calm as water, as if the words just said were just another trivial words.

Zhang Hong naturally also stayed, did not dream that ye Chen should dare to be so arrogant!

"Sister Lu, what's the matter with your friend?"

Lin Xiaoyu whispered to Xiao Lu.

"Xiaoyu, he is not my friend. Don't talk nonsense."

Xiao Lu said in a hurry.

The warrior's hearing is extremely sensitive. Ye Chen naturally heard the dialogue between Xiao Lu and Lin Xiaoyu.

"Good! Very good! "

Between, Zhang Hong to leaf dust dead mouth. At this time, he clenched his teeth and squeezed this sentence out of his teeth.

"I really want to know your name. I want to see who it is. I dare to be so arrogant in front of Zhang Hong!"

All the people smell the speech and look at Ye Chen again. They also want to know the name of Ye Chen.

"Leaf dust."

Leaf dust light mouth.

He didn't hide his name because he felt there was nothing to hide.

Ye Chen?!

Zhang Hong, of course, had never heard of Ye Chen's name. His face was already cold.

"Ye Chen, you just said that I am not qualified to talk to you?"

"Yes," Ye Chen said with a smile, "you, a little king of three-star wars, are not qualified to talk to me."


Hearing this, all the students present were shocked again.

Only because they all feel that ye Chen has been arrogant to the point of no more!

They have never heard of such arrogant people before!

At the same time, they also know that the end of Ye Chen must be very miserable!

Do not trouble the earth, but the heaven!

Does he think Zhang Hong is easy to provoke?

For a moment, all the students present were in a state of mind.

Xiao Lu also shakes her head when she hears the speech. She is really disappointed with Ye Chen.

She really does not know, such a person, why her grandfather still let her take good care of!

"Ye Chen, do you think," Zhang Hong looked at Ye Chen coldly, "what will I do now?"

The implication is that I'm ready to fight you now.

Can let all people did not think of is, leaf dust is said such a sentence.

Ye Chen opened his mouth to Zhang Hong slowly:

"I care what you do."

All the students present were shocked as much as they wanted to be shocked. They didn't think that ye Chen dared to say such a thing.

But they were relieved, because ye Chen was a complete madman!

The mouth of a madman usually can't say anything nice.

"Good, good!"

Only listen to Zhang Honglian say three good words, it is obvious that Zhang Hong has been angry to the extreme!

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