I Copy Talents | Chapter 654 | Princess Fukada

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Chapter 654 Princess Fukada

 Under the Canglong tower, the faces of all the students were with a look of amazement.

They want to see how Zhang Hong will deal with Ye Chen.

After a few seconds, Zhang Hong looked at Ye Chen coldly and said to him:

"Ye Chen, dare you fight with me?"

All the students look at Ye Chen and wonder if ye Chen will take the challenge.

"Ha ha."

Ye Chen is a light smile, "are you qualified to fight with me? I have already said that you are just a little four-star war king. Why don't you believe it

Hearing this, Zhang Hong could not bear the arrogance of Ye Chen!

"Looking for death!"

Zhang Hong shouts at Ye Chen, and then he pours at Ye Chen!

When ye Chen sees Zhang Hong, he can't help shaking his head secretly, thinking why Zhang Hong doesn't understand?

When Zhang Hong is about to get to Ye Chen's body, ye Chen swings out at will!

There is no element force attached to this punch!

All the students present looked at such a scene, their eyes could not help but open up.

Zhang Hong sees Ye Chen's fist, but his pupil shrinks violently!

Just because he felt that he couldn't catch Ye Chen's fist.


There is no doubt that the leaf dust a boxing in Zhang Hong's body!

Zhang Hong immediately flew out!


All the students at the scene took a breath of cold air and were stunned.

Their eyes should be opened as big as their stools, their mouths open enough to swallow an extra large bowl.

They had no idea that Zhang Hong was knocked down with one blow.

I saw Zhang Hong heavily fell on the ground, he also muddled up.

All of you think that ye Qiang Chen is not so strong!

But the most shocking thing is Xiao Lu!

In Xiao Lu's opinion, ye Chen can't be Zhang Hong's opponent, but now

Directly at the moment, she found that she was not only wrong, but also wrong so thoroughly!

"Some people don't like me to come to Canglong tower. Let's go together."

Ye Chen looked at all the students on the spot and spoke slowly.

Where do the students dare to speak? Naturally, they can't compare with Zhang Hong. Even Zhang Hong was beaten by one blow, let alone them.

"Do you think there is no one in our Canglong courtyard?"

Suddenly, a cold drink came into the ears of leaf dust.

"It's Princess Shentian!"

The students under the Canglong pagoda are in shock.

Ye Chen also looked at the past along the sound.

I found a girl about his size coming up.

The girl is very beautiful, just the look on her face. Ye Chen doesn't like it very much.

"Name: Yejing."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Hidden talent: pentadimensional talent, icy talent."

"Realm: two star war emperor."

When the girl was ten meters away from ye Chen, her talent and realm information appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, he thought that this girl should be the favorite girl of Canglong courtyard.

"Princess Shentian is here. Now let's see what he can do."

"It's just a freshman who has just entered Canglong's courtyard, and dare to run into our old life's courtyard to be wild!"

"Look, he will kneel on the ground and beg for mercy."

All the students cast a pitiful look at Ye Chen.


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