I Copy Talents | Chapter 655 | Its Just The Second Star War Emperor

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Chapter 655 Its Just The Second Star War Emperor

 The girl who comes to Ye Chen is Yejing, the third princess of the Dragon Kingdom and the real daughter of the emperor.

Night stillness is also the favorite girl of Canglong mansion.

Only see, night static walked to the body of leaf dust, staring at leaf dust coldly.

"Do you think that there is no one in Canglong mansion?"

There was a thick sarcasm on the white face of the night.

All the students under the Canglong tower sneered. Now that the night is still, they don't have to think about it.

However, what they didn't think of was that ye Chen's face did not fluctuate at all, as if they had not heard anything at all.

"In other people's eyes, the students in Canglong mansion are all peerless talents, but in my eyes," Ye Chen stopped talking, and after a few seconds he continued, "they are all mole ants."


As soon as this was said, all the students present were astonished. They never dreamed that ye Chen would dare to despise them so much!

"You What are you talking about? "

Night static dead looking at leaf dust, white face can not help but frown up.

"Usually, I don't tell the ants twice."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Hearing this, the third princess was furious!

He has been the apple of his eye since he was born, and no one has ever dared to speak to her like this.

"Do you think you can beat me if you beat Zhang Hong?"

The night is still and cold, looking at the leaf dust.

"You really have to be better than Zhang Hong, but it's just a two-star war emperor. There's nothing to be proud of."

Ye Chen said lightly.


Everyone present was surprised.

Two star war Emperor nothing more?

These students thought, don't Ye Chen know that the two star war emperor is the existence they need to look forward to?

"Ha ha!"

Three princesses night quiet cold voice smile, "it seems, you really want to fight with me?"

All the students looked at Ye Chen, and they all wanted to know what ye Chen would answer.

But what they never thought of in their dreams was that ye Chen would say such a sentence.

See ye dust to three princesses night quiet light said: "you are not my opponent at all, what qualification and I fight?"


All the students under the Canglong tower are shocked. Ye Chen is arrogant in front of Zhang Hong, but he still dares to be arrogant in front of the night.

Does he not know that Yejing is the daughter of the Emperor today?

Xiao Lu and Lin Xiaoyu are watching the scene. They all shake their heads secretly. They are disappointed with Ye Chen.

The third princess heard Ye Chen's words in the night, and she could no longer bear the arrogance of Ye Chen.

"Looking for death!"

Sound falls, three princesses night quiet then erect palm.

Yejing has five phase talent and ice talent!

I saw that the power of her five dimensional talent on the palm of her hand had been condensed. It was shocking!

The students saw that the power of the five phases was condensed on the palm of Ye Jing. They looked at Ye Chen quickly because they all knew that the look on Ye Chen's face at the moment must be incomparably wonderful.

But when they saw the look on Ye Chen's face, their pupils all couldn't help shrinking violently!

Only because, leaf dust's face actually appeared a touch of uninteresting!

See here, everyone can't cover up the shock in their hearts!

They thought, ye Chen is definitely the bravest person they have ever seen, and there is absolutely no one!

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