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Chapter 656 Frost Talent

 Night static nature is also did not think, leaf dust's face actually dare to appear boring look.

She couldn't help getting angry and staring at Ye Chen, she said:

"I wanted to give you a chance, but you didn't cherish it. I can't blame me!"

The voice falls, the night static a palm fiercely toward the leaf dust to attack.

The five colors of the night are interwoven with each other.

All the students under the Canglong tower opened their eyes. They all thought that the attack made by the third princess Yejing was too terrible!

But such an attack in the eyes of Ye Chen, that is just so.

Just as the intertwined force of the five dimensional talent was about to hit Ye Chen's body, ye Chen held up a finger.

The finger that ye Chen erect naturally does not have any element force.

All the people under the Canglong tower saw that ye Chen, with her fingers without any element force, gently touched the five dimensional nature talent!

Everyone knows that ye Chen is absolutely a complete madman!

But in the next scene, they found themselves all wrong.

Not only wrong, but also wrong so thoroughly!

Only because, when ye Chen's fingers without any element power touched the five phase talent, the five phase talent power disappeared.


All the students under the Canglong pagoda looked at such a scene. They all took a breath and gaped, as if they had seen a scene that could never be seen.

"How could that be possible?"

The third princess was stunned by the silence of the night. Naturally, she couldn't believe it was true.

The power of her five phase nature talent was dissolved by Ye Chen's finger without any element force?

All the people present were shocked to see ye Chen. They really didn't expect such a scene.

Xiao Lu and Lin Xiaoyu, on one side, look on their faces seems to have solidified, and they can't return to their senses for a long time.

Xiao Lu's heart is up and down, because she finds that ye Chen seems to be Very strong!!!

After knowing that ye Chen was not his original power to kill the two high-level beasts outside the boundary City, she felt that ye Chen was no more.

But at this moment, ye Chen has given him too much shock!

When everyone was stunned, the voice of Ye dust came into their ears.

Ye Chen looked at the three Princess Yejing and said slowly to Yejing:

"now you know the gap between you and me."

Three princesses night quiet smell speech to return to God, she is dead looking at leaf dust.

Don't be too proud

The sound falls, the night is still again erect white and slender palm.

On the palm of her hand, a cold ice condenses on her palm!

"This is the ice talent of the third princess!"

A student exclaimed in a hurry.

Ice talent, in many talents are against the sky talent!

"Ye Chen, you must have never thought that I would have the cold ice talent!"

The third princess is very proud of Ye Chen.

Although the power of the five phases talent is terrible, the cold ice talent is the real anti heaven talent. You should know that the cultivation of ice Qi is successful, it can freeze the ocean!

"Is it?"

Ye Chen smiles faintly.

The third princess looked at Ye Chen's face at night. She could not help looking cold.

"Ye Chen! I'll show you the power of ice talent

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