I Copy Talents | Chapter 657 | What If I Have To Come To Canglong Tower

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Chapter 657 What If I Have To Come To Canglong Tower

 Three princesses night quiet voice falls, is a palm toward leaf dust fierce attack come over.

I saw, the ice real gas toward the leaf dust.

The ice is so terrible that it freezes everything around.

Cold ice Qi is about to hit Ye Chen's body.

Third princess night quiet face incomparably proud, she knew that leaf dust is absolutely unable to block the ice real gas.

All the students under the tower think so.

But what they didn't even think of was that this was going to happen next.

Ye Chen once again put up a finger, the finger is still not attached to any element force!

When there was only a line between the ice Qi and the leaf dust, ye Chen touched the ice Qi with the finger without any additional force.

So the ice disappears No!


The appearance of such a scene, all the students under the Canglong tower can not help but be shocked.

Their eyes have opened for the biggest time ever!

"Why What? "

Not only they, but also the white face of the third princess was full of disbelief.

She had thought that ye Chen could not resist the attack of ice Qi in any case.

But now, she just knew that her icy Qi was so vulnerable in front of Ye Chen.

The night stillness, which has always been walking in the Canglong courtyard, is absolutely unable to accept such scenes.

But in the side of Xiao Lu, her face is full of complex look.

Only because she didn't expect Ye Chen to be so terrible!

Even the ice is easy to dissolve, it is too terrible.

"What?" Leaf dust light looking at the body in front of the three princesses night static, "you have not faced up to the gap between us?"

Three princesses night quiet smell speech, her face has been red, do not know how to answer Ye Chen's words.

"You, you...!"

At this time, the night is still quiet, where can you say a complete sentence to ah.

"By the way, there should be no objection to me now?"

Ye Chen looked around and said to the students.

"Ye Chen, in fact..."

Xiao Lu wanted to say something to Ye Chen, but she didn't know what to say.

"Ha ha!"

Suddenly, the three princesses are sneering at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, although you are really terrible, the Canglong courtyard stipulates that freshmen are not allowed to come to Canglong Tower!"

The night still says coldly to the leaf dust.

Although Ye Jing has never seen such a terrible genius as ye Chen, she is not afraid of Ye Chen.

Just because she has the most terrible background!

"Is it?"

Ye Chen chuckled, and he spoke slowly to the third princess Yejing:

"but what should I do if I have to come to Canglong tower?"


Hearing this, the three princesses were naturally angry to the point that they could not add more.

"Ye Chen, do you believe that I will tell the dean to let you leave Canglong mansion?"

The night is still dead looking at the leaf dust.

All the students were shocked. They thought that ye Chen was really terrible, but did he still want to challenge the regulations of Canglong academy?


Ye Chen laughed and said, "go ahead, I'd like to see the dean of Canglong courtyard dare not let me leave."


As soon as this remark was made, all the students present were shocked.

They never thought that ye Chen would dare to say such arrogant words.

Does he still want to challenge Dean?

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