I Copy Talents | Chapter 658 | Dean Of Canglong Academy

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Chapter 658 Dean Of Canglong Academy

 All the students under the Canglong tower are looking at Ye Chen with consternation.

They all guessed that ye Chen wanted to challenge the dean.

Where have they seen such a arrogant person as ye Chen!

Don't he know that the president of Canglong academy is a nine Star Warrior?

Three princesses night static nature also did not expect leaf dust to say this also to come, she can't help but dull.

"Ye Chen, you What do you say

Night Jing returns to mind after, stare at leaf dust to say.

Ye Chen laughed, "I said, I usually don't say twice to mole ants."

Hearing this, Ye Jing couldn't help gnashing her teeth.

"Good! You wait

The sound falls, the night is quiet then toward a place to run past.

All the students know that Ye Jing is going to call the dean. As long as the Dean comes, ye Chen will have to leave Canglong academy no matter how powerful he is.

Naturally, there was a sneer on their faces.

Xiao Lu bit her lips, and her white face seemed to have something hard to say.

After a few seconds, Xiao Lu finally plucked up her courage. She said to Ye Chen:

"Ye Chen, the third princess has gone to call the dean. You'd better go quickly."

Leaf dust smell speech a smile, he turned to see to Xiao Lu.

"You just said, I am not your friend, why do you care about me?"

Xiao Lu's whole body was shocked, and her white face was already flushed with blood.

At this time, she, like a clown, would like to find a crack to drill in.

She did not continue to speak, just because she knew that she would only insult herself if she continued to speak!

It's strange. Just now when ye Chen and Zhang Hongjian pulled their crossbows, she didn't choose to stand on the side of Ye Chen, but also told Lin Xiaoyu that she and ye Chen were not friends.

All the students under the Canglong tower are waiting for the arrival of the dean.

They want to see, after the Dean came, ye Chen's face can still be so calm.

Not long after that, the three princesses came with the dean of Canglong courtyard.

"Name: Chen Tong."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Hidden talent: high strength talent, high speed talent, native talent."

"Realm: Nine Star battle Zun."

When the old man is only 10 meters away from ye Chen, his talent and realm information will appear in the retina of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen can think of it with his toes. The old man is the president of Canglong courtyard.

He thought that the dean of Canglong Academy was indeed a powerful warrior, but it was not good to hide his talent.

I see, the third princess night Jing and Dean Chen Tong have already arrived in front of Ye Chen.

"Dean, that's him!"

The night is still cold staring at the leaf dust to say.

President Chen Tong also looked at Ye Chen at the speech.

"Listen to Ye Jing, are you a new student of Canglong academy?"

President Chen Tong said.

"That's right."

Ye Chen nodded. His face was calm, as if he didn't pay attention to the dean of Canglong courtyard.

Seeing here, all the students under the Canglong tower were shocked.

Just because they did not think of it in any case, the president has come, ye Chen can still be so calm!

Is it possible that

All the students thought of an amazing possibility, that is, ye Chen could defeat the Dean!

However, they immediately shook their heads. If they want them to believe that ye Chen can defeat the Dean, unless the heavenly horse is about to collapse.

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