I Copy Talents | Chapter 660 | Im Already Forcing You

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Chapter 660 Im Already Forcing You

 Ye Chen was stunned when he heard the speech. He thought how could the dean of Canglong academy not understand it?

Is it not clear that he wants to practice at the highest level of Canglong tower.

At this time, all the students under the Canglong tower are looking at Ye Chen, and they want to know whether ye Chen will return to the freshmen's college.

See, leaf dust light looking at Dean Chen Tong.

"Didn't I tell you that I want to practice at the highest level of Canglong pagoda? Didn't you hear me clearly?"


Hearing this, all the students under the Canglong pagoda could not help but step back. They were shocked as much as they could.

Just because they want to break their heads, ye Chen dare to speak to the president in such a tone.


All of a sudden, all the students thought of a surprising possibility, that is, ye Chen had a serious illness, did not want to live, and did not dare to commit suicide.

I'm here to die!

Otherwise, how could ye Chen not provoke the misfortune on the earth, but he wanted to provoke the heaven?

As the president of Canglong academy, Chen Tong has not been questioned in such a tone.

In particular, this person is still a freshman in Canglong courtyard!

"Now I declare that you are dismissed!"

President Chen Tong stares at Ye Chen and says coldly.

When the third princess heard the words in the night, her white face was very proud.

She didn't hate people in her life, but she really hated Ye Chen.

She didn't understand why a man like Ye Chen was not a gentleman!

"Fire me?"

Ye Chen laughed. He did.

Just because he had never heard such a funny joke.

After laughing, he couldn't help sighing to himself. He just wanted to practice at the top of Canglong tower. Why is it so difficult?

"I'm afraid you are not qualified to dismiss me."


When all the students at the scene heard this, their pupils shrank violently.

Not eligible to be expelled?

They can't imagine Ye Chen's arrogance!

What kind of arrogance should a man have to say to his president.

Ha ha ha ha!

Chen Tong, the president, burst out laughing.

"The president of our Canglong courtyard is not qualified to dismiss you?"

Chen Tong doesn't want to fight ye Chen, because if he does it in his capacity, he will lose his identity.

"Ha ha."

Leaf dust light a smile, "OK, since you said to dismiss me, I now stand here, if you have the ability, you can let me leave Canglong courtyard."


Hearing this, President Chen Tong could not help but feel cold.

"Don't push me!"

He didn't want to fight ye Chen, but if ye Chen had to be so rampant, he would naturally choose to.

"I've been pushing you, haven't you noticed?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of fun and ignorance.

As soon as this was said, President Chen Tong could no longer bear the arrogance of Ye Chen.

He hit the leaf dust fiercely with one fist.

This fist did not have any yuan force attached, but it was extremely terrifying!

All the students under the Canglong tower know that ye Chen is finished.

I saw that Chen Tong, the dean of the school, was about to hit Ye Chen's body heavily.

The students found that ye Chen also made a fist.

He didn't have any strength in his fist!

All the students sneered. They thought that ye Chen was too ignorant of heaven and earth.

Ye Chen's fist and Dean's fist are about to collide together!

The pupils of the three princesses, Ye Jing and Xiao Lu, can't help but open up a little bit!

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