I Copy Talents | Chapter 661 | Who Is For And Who Is Against

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Chapter 661 Who Is For And Who Is Against

 I can see that Chen Tong's fist and ye Chen's fist hit each other heavily.


All the students under the Canglong tower know how miserable Ye Chen will be.

They will not pity Ye Chen, because ye Chen is too arrogant. This is the price that he attached to his arrogance.

However, what all the students did not think of was that such a scene appeared.

After ye Chen and President Chen Tong's fists hit each other heavily, Chen Tong, the Dean, flies backwards.


All the students present at the scene could not help but exclaim.

In their eyes, this is absolutely incredible.

You know, the dean is a nine Star Warrior!

A powerful nine star battle Zun, so fly out?

Three princesses night quiet and Xiao Lu, their eyes are absolutely opened to the largest time in history, they look at Ye Chen in amazement.

Where did they think that the Dean would fly out upside down.

Quiet, the needle can be heard!

All the students under the Canglong tower are frozen in place like clay sculptures, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Just because they saw what could never happen!

Not only they, but also Chen Tong, the president of Canglong academy, was shocked.

He looked at the leaf dust in amazement. He would like to break his head and never think that he would fly backwards!


A surprising possibility occurred to him.

This amazing possibility is that the leaf dust is very strong, strong to be incomparably strong!

"You What kind of state are you? "

President Chen Tong looked at Ye Chen in astonishment and asked.

All the students at the bottom of the Canglong pagoda came back to their senses one after another. They all looked at Ye Chen and wanted to know what the state of Ye Chen was.

All of a sudden, they all thought of what ye had just said, that is, he was going to practice at the top level of Canglong tower.

Is he a ten star war?

Thinking of this, all the students under the Canglong pagoda are out of their wits.

You know, ye Chen looks about the same size as them, and has become the Ten Star Wars Zun?

The three princesses, Ye Jing and Xiao Lu, also look at Ye Chen. At this time, their hearts are full of shock.

At this time, all people are looking at Ye Chen and waiting for ye Chen to speak.

After a few seconds, ye Chen began to speak slowly:

"it doesn't matter what realm I am. What matters is that I want to practice at the highest level of Canglong tower."

After that, ye Chen stopped for a few seconds, and then he glanced at the students around him and said:

"when I finish speaking, who is in favor of it and who is against it?"

When this was said, all the students under the Canglong tower were shocked. Where could they dare to have any objection.

Even Chen Tong, the president, flew backwards, let alone them.

They are very clear, they are a thorough mole ant in Ye Chen's eyes!

"The existence of terror like you can naturally be cultivated at the highest level of Canglong tower."

President Chen Tong said to Ye Chen.

The pupils of the three princesses were wide open at night. At this time, she was afraid.

She thought she had offended a powerful Ten Star warrior just now?

At this time, Xiao Lu's face revealed all kinds of complicated looks.

She had already understood that ye Chen killed the two high-level beasts outside the boundary City, not by other forces!

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