I Copy Talents | Chapter 662 | Long Wait

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Chapter 662 Long Wait

 Ye dust saw the President Chen Tong agreed, he also secretly out of breath.

He thought that he just wanted to practice at the top of Canglong tower.

Immediately, under everyone's gaze, ye dust entered the highest level of Canglong Tower!

"Look! The highest layer of Canglong tower is on

Suddenly, a student exclaimed.

All the students looked at the top of Canglong tower. They all knew that it was Ye Chen who rushed to the top of Canglong tower!

Then, their mouth corners showed a wry smile.

Only because they all know that only the Ten Star Warrior can enter the highest level of Canglong tower.

It seems that ye dust is really the Ten Star War Zun!

Seeing this, all the people couldn't help but stare at each other.

"Ten stars Zhan Zun. "

The third princess had a bitter smile on her white face.

She had thought that ye Chen would never be her opponent, but now she found out how small she was in front of Ye Chen.

"Dean, how many days can you practice at the top of Canglong tower?"

The third princess asked Chen Tong, the Dean, after returning to her mind.

"A month."

President Chen Tong said.

Time flies!

In a flash, a month passed.

All the students of Canglong academy came to the bottom of Canglong tower because they knew that today was the day when ye Chen came out from the top of Canglong tower.

All the tutors and Dean also came to the Canglong Tower!

The minutes and seconds passed.

Can still not see leaf dust!

Until dark, ye Chen did not come out from the top of Canglong tower.

Is it possible that

Everyone present thought of an amazing possibility!

That is, ye Chen is not just a ten Star Warrior!

Think of here, a chill from their sole plate to the sky cover.

For a moment, all the students under the Canglong pagoda looked at each other, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

"My God!"

The third princess screamed directly in the night.

She thought, is it possible that ye Chen and his father exist at the same level of great terror?

The father of the three princesses, who is the emperor of the Dragon Kingdom, is the God of war.

Time flies.

It's been two months.

The students in the Canglong academy are waiting and waiting. They are all waiting to see through.

But ye Chen still didn't come out of Canglong tower.

And the highest level of Canglong tower is still on!

Three months

Four months

Five months

Not only the Canglong courtyard, but even the whole emperor knew the news.

There will be people coming every day!

Even when the emperor heard the news, he was shocked.

For a while, ye Chen became the most famous person in the whole imperial region!

Half a year later!

This day.

All the students are waiting for ye Chen under the Canglong tower.

They want to see how long Ye Chen can stay in Canglong tower.

"What kind of existence are you?"

The three princesses hold their fists in the night. Her nails are not in the skin, but she doesn't feel any pain.

"Look! What is that

Suddenly, a exclamation came into everyone's ears.

All the students at the bottom of Canglong pagoda all looked in the past. It doesn't matter if they don't see it. They are all shocked.

Just because, a terrible golden force rises from the top of Canglong Tower!

This golden force condensed into a variety of different images, straight to the sky, looking very shocking!

"This is someone who has broken through the realm of war dignity!"

Chen Tong, the president, was greatly shocked.

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