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Chapter 663 God Of War

 For a moment, all the people under the Canglong tower were petrified.

They have guessed who broke through the Ares!

That person is Ye Chen of course!

They all know that ye Chen looks very young, but has become the God of war?

They can't believe it. They can't believe it!


The highest level of Canglong Tower!

Ye Chen opened his eyes, he wiped the sweat on his forehead, and a touch of satisfaction appeared on his face.

"It's finally broken through to a star God of war."

After breaking through to a star God of war, ye Chen felt that his strength had reached an unprecedented level.

"I don't know how long it has been. It's time to go out."

Immediately, the leaf dust came out from the top of Canglong tower.

"Look! The leaf dust is coming out

All the people under the Canglong tower saw that the leaf dust came out, and their faces were shocked.

Now ye Chen in their eyes, that is the existence of absolute terror!

Let alone, ye Chen is now a god of war!

God of war, a million corpses! Wherever you go, there's a river of blood!

Whether you are a human or a fierce beast, if you meet a strong one at the level of God of war, that is death!

There is only one God of war in the whole dragon Kingdom, which is the night when the emperor of the Dragon kingdom is in charge of the river.

But now a god of war appeared in front of them!

At this moment, all the students under the Canglong tower feel a great pressure!

This is from the God of war to the mortal's oppression!

All of them held their breath, and their hearts were filled with horror.

"Lord God of war!"

Chen Tong, the president of Canglong academy, quickly walked to Ye Chen's side and said respectfully to Ye Chen.

"Lord God of war?"

Ye Chen was stunned and immediately he was relieved.

Yes, he is now a god of war.

"Lord God of war."

Three princesses night Jing also walked to the leaf dust side, to the leaf dust low voice said.

There was a touch of embarrassment on her fair face, and a deep fright.

She would not even dream that ye Chen had broken through to the God of war!

Not long ago, a warrior came over.

"Where is the God of war?"

Obviously, the whole imperial region has known that ye Chen has broken through to the God of war.


The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

The warrior looked at Ye Chen respectfully.

"Lord God of war, please go to the imperial palace."

Leaf dust smell speech to nod, namely he then toward emperor palace and go.

Before long, he saw the Lord of the Dragon Kingdom, the emperor of the River night.

"Leaf dust!"

The emperor's River night's face was full of surprise.

"Ye Chen, do you know how happy I am after you broke through the God of war?"

Emperor River night excitedly looking at leaf dust to ask a way.

Ye Chen didn't understand the emperor's meaning. He asked the emperor at night:

"emperor, is there anything to be happy about when I break through to the God of war?"

"Of course."

Immediately, the emperor said something to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also understood when he heard the speech.

It turns out that the last battle between the dragon and the beast!

All the fierce beasts have retreated to the dragon's nest!

Now the beast is ready to move again.

"By the way, emperor, is that fierce beast very strong?"

Ye Chen suddenly asked the emperor the River night.

The emperor River night heard the speech and nodded, "it's more than strong, it's equivalent to our two-star God of war!"

Ye Chen knows that the emperor is now a god of war, and naturally he will not be the opponent of that terrible beast.

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