I Copy Talents | Chapter 665 | Cloud Deep Swamp

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Chapter 665 Cloud Deep Swamp

 Cloud deep swamp?

Ye Chen was stunned. Naturally, he had never heard of the name of Yunshen swamp.

But even with his toes, he could imagine that Yunshen swamp was a gathering place for fierce animals.

"What are you doing there?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of doubts.

"I want to see it."

Three princesses night quiet to leaf dust low voice say, she is in the face of leaf dust, the confidence is really not very enough.

"All right."

Leaf dust nodded, he thought now also quite boring, since so, then go.

The third princess saw Ye Chen's promise in the night, and her white face instantly showed a touch of surprise.

"Thank you, Lord Ye Chen!"

The three princesses look at Ye Chen with gratitude.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen doesn't want to hear these words.

The third princess led Ye Chen's way.


Cloud deep swamp.

The third princess went to the cloud deep swamp with the night stillness and leaf dust.

Just arrived at the cloud deep swamp, ye Chen and Ye Jing began to stare at more than a dozen fierce beasts.

There was no fluctuation on the white face of the third princess in the night, because these fierce beasts were just like this in her eyes.

"Lord Ye Chen, give these fierce beasts to me!"

When the voice dropped, the three princesses came out at night.

Just in an instant, more than a dozen fierce beasts died.

Ye Chen's face is very calm, and there is no change at all because ye Jing killed more than a dozen fierce beasts.

"Is there anything special about this cloud deep swamp?"

Leaf dust's face appeared a touch of doubt.

The third princess heard the speech at night and said quickly, "Lord Ye Chen, can there be a primary beast in the cloud deep swamp?"

Primary beast class?

Ye Chen was stunned. Of course, he didn't think that there would be such a powerful beast in the cloud deep swamp, which he had never thought of in any case.

"Lord Ye Chen, the purpose of my coming to Yunshen swamp is to practice."

The third princess said to Ye Chen at night.

Ye Chen heard the speech and understood it.

Immediately, there were many fierce animals, which were killed by the third princess Yejing.

In the quiet night when the three princesses were elated, a terrible beast roared, which made her white face pale.

"Lord Ye Chen!"

The three princesses called out to Ye Chen in the quiet of the night.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, because no matter what fierce beast it was, it was just so in his eyes.

In front of Ye Chen and the three princesses in the night, a fierce beast of terror appears.

This fierce beast is golden all over, with horns on its head, like an ox!

"Name: jinjiatun longicorn."

"Talent: Dragon talent."

"Level: primary beast, reverence level, fierce beast."

The information of the terrible beast appears in the retina of leaf dust.

"Lord Ye Chen, this is the most powerful fierce beast in Yunshen swamp, jinjiatun longicorn."

The third princess said to Ye Chen at night.

Ye Chen nodded.

"How long will it take me to kill this fierce beast

At this time, the golden beetle Tun longicorn was no more than a line away from the leaf dust.

"Three minutes, no

The third princess shook her head at night. "I feel like a minute."

Finish saying that, three princesses night quiet white face appeared a touch of firm color.


A smile of evil appeared on Ye Chen's face.

At this time, ye Chen's choice impelled the blink talent!

Only in an instant, the dust disappeared in place.

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