I Copy Talents | Chapter 666 | Something Big Happened

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Chapter 666 Something Big Happened


The third princess was surprised at night. Naturally, she didn't expect that ye dust would suddenly disappear in place.

And still left a shadow in place!

When the three princesses see ye Chen again, ye Chen is already in front of Jinjia Tun longicorn.

See ye Chen a fist to the primary animal Zun level gold Jiatun longicorn to fight over.

There was still no element attached to his fist.


Naturally, the primary beast Zun Jinjia Tun longicorn couldn't react. He was directly hit by Ye Chen.

All of a sudden, the primary beast level fierce beast Jinjia swallows the sky cow fiercely to fly out.

After heavy hit on the ground, the ground was directly smashed out of a deep hole!


The third princess watched such a scene in the night, and she couldn't help gaping.

Just because the whole process is flowing, even less than a second!

"Lord Ye Chen, Jinjia swallows longicorn..."

Three Princess night quiet words have not finished, was Ye dust to interrupt.

"Jinjiatun longicorn is dead, there is no possibility of survival."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

The three princesses could not help swallowing and spitting in the quiet night.

She walked cautiously to the pit that the golden armor Tun longicorn smashed out.

It is found that Jinjia swallows longicorn, a fierce beast of primary animal dignity, and has no life fluctuation.

Seeing here, the three princesses were even more shocked.

She had previously thought that it would take at least a minute for ye Chen to kill the golden beetle.

But now, she found herself not only wrong, but also so thoroughly wrong!

She looked at Ye Chen's face, but she found that there was no fluctuation on Ye Chen's face. It was just like killing jinjiatun longicorn, a primary beast of high rank, who was just doing a trivial thing.

Later, the three princesses began to kill fierce animals in the Yunshen swamp.

Ye Chen is naturally not interested in the fierce beasts in the cloud deep swamp.

After the three princesses died happily in the night, the two returned to the imperial region from Yunshen swamp.

As soon as he returned to the imperial District, he heard of a great event!

Gao Yuan, the leader of wuzhe alliance, was seriously injured!

He learned this from the mouth of the emperor's River night.

From the mouth of the emperor's River night, it is the existence of the headquarters of the world city warrior alliance that wounded Gao Yuan!

The look of Ye Chen couldn't help being extremely cold.

"Ye Chen, don't go!"

"That's the existence of the two-star God of war!"

The emperor called Ye Chen at night.

"Lord, I am a special envoy of the Northern Warlord alliance. I have to go."

Finish saying, leaf dust then head also did not return to walk out of the imperial palace.

Emperor River night to see this situation, he can't help but sigh to himself, thinking is really a wave not flat, a wave again.

North District.

Ye Chen and dizhu River arrived in the North District at night.

When they arrived outside the wuzhe alliance, the pupils of more than a dozen warriors all shrank rapidly.

Only because they saw the Lord of the Dragon kingdom!


The dozen soldiers quickly bowed to the emperor at night.

Even if they want to break their heads, they will not think that the emperor will come to their alliance of warriors at night.

"What's going on?"

Ye Chen asked a dozen warriors.

The more than ten warriors who dare to hide anything, they quickly tell Ye Chen all the process of the matter.

The warlord alliance of the world city is the headquarters of the World Warrior alliance, which manages the branches of the world's major cities!

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