I Copy Talents | Chapter 667 | Just Say I Want To Fight Him

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Chapter 667 Just Say I Want To Fight Him

 Ye Chen learns from this warrior that the headquarters of the world city warlord alliance is coming to take over the branch of the Northern Warlord alliance.

Gao Yuan, the leader of the alliance, has been managing the Alliance for many years. Naturally, he is not willing to give up his position.

In a disagreement, the two hands.

Gao Yuan is just a ten Star Warrior. How can he be the opponent of the two-star God of war? This is how he was seriously injured.

At the moment, ye Chen's face is absolutely cold. The leader Gao Yuan is very good to him.

After he came to the imperial capital from the angry sea, he entered the alliance of warriors. He was not a man who did not know how to be grateful.


Of course, he will choose to avenge the leader Gao Yuan.

He doesn't care who the other party is and what kind of background he has.

Looking at Ye Chen's face at night, the emperor said to Ye Chen in a hurry:

"Ye Chen, don't mess around. After all, the other side is the two-star God of war."

Although Ye has just broken through the one star God of war, he will never be the opponent of the two-star God of war. Naturally, the emperor knows this.

Ye Chen's face is still cold.

"Emperor, do you believe that the two star God of war will not be my opponent at all."

Ye Chen said to the emperor at night.


Emperor River night a surprise, it is obvious that he did not expect Ye Chen to say such words.

"Ye Chen, you Don't you hear me clearly? It's the God of war

Emperor River night at this time, his heart is undoubtedly shocked, he thought that ye Chen is not a breakthrough to a star after the war god state float?

How could you say something like this?

Ye Chen did not go on. He knew that the emperor would not believe him no matter how he said it. Now he has to prove it with his actions.

Immediately, ye Chen stepped into the alliance of warriors.

Emperor River night looking at the leaf dust slightly emaciated back, he can't help shaking his head, also had to follow up.

Before long, ye Chen and the emperor River night saw the seriously injured leader Gao Yuan.

The four elder guardians of the alliance are all around the leader Gao Yuan.

When they saw Ye Chen and the night of the emperor's River, they couldn't help being shocked.

"Emperor The emperor? "

Naturally, the four elders of the League of protection were stunned. They would never have thought of the emperor coming.

Everyone knows that the emperor River night is the guardian God of the Dragon kingdom. If not for the emperor, the fierce beast would have broken the Dragon kingdom.

But now the patron saint of the Dragon Kingdom appears in front of them?

How can they not be shocked!

The leader Gao Yuan is in a coma.

"And the man?"

Leaf dust's face is iron green, to four big protect League elder to ask a way.

"The man lives in the North District hotel."

A guardian League elder said to Ye Chen.

"If you ask him to come to the warlord alliance, you will have to fight him."


As soon as this word came out, the four elder guardians of the League were stunned.

"Ye Chen, that is..."

"No need to say more."

Ye Chen waved his hand and interrupted the conversation of the four elders.

The four leaders of the defense alliance are honest and don't understand why Ye Chen dares to say such a thing.

That man is the God of war!

"Go ahead."

Ye Chen said.

Hearing this, the four elders of the League of protection shook their heads and sent for the man!

That person's name is Liu Song, is the world city warrior alliance headquarters a strong existence!

Challenge arena.

Ye Chen has arrived at the arena of the Martial Arts Alliance, and he is waiting for Liu Song's arrival.

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