I Copy Talents | Chapter 668 | Two Star God Of War Liu Song

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Chapter 668 Two Star God Of War Liu Song

 All the members of the alliance of warlords appeared on the square.

There was absolutely a deep look of horror on their faces.

Because they all know that ye Chen will fight Liu Song!

At the same time, they also know that Liu Song is the two-star God of war!

Two star earth God of war!!!

You know, the Lord of the Dragon Kingdom, the emperor Lord River night is just a star God of war!


Everyone in the square thought of a surprising possibility, that is, ye Chen could defeat the two star God of war!

Immediately, they all shook their heads.

They know it's absolutely impossible.

Ye Chen is just angry because the leader Gao Yuan is seriously injured.

For a moment, all the people in the square had a bitter smile on their faces.

The alliance of warriors is the most powerful force in the Northern District!

But now, such a powerful force in the face of the supreme existence, it is so small.


Suddenly, a warrior exclaimed.

All the people on the square immediately looked at the past.

Found a middle-aged man walking!

The middle-aged man is very tall, with a sneer on his face and a shawl. His body is as strong as a dragon!

All the people on the square looked at the middle-aged man coming, and their faces were all shocked.

They know that this middle-aged man is Liu Song, the two-star God of war!

The leader Gao Yuan was injured by Liu Song!

Liu Song, the two-star God of war, has come to the bottom of the challenge arena.

The corner of his mouth swept a touch of contempt, extremely disdainful looking at the leaf dust on the challenge arena.

"It's you. You want to fight me?"

Liu Song sneered.

He had thought that the Super League of the warlords alliance was something terrible.

But now it seems that he was so wrong!

The Super League envoy of the wuzhe League is just a 20-year-old boy.

"Yes, come up."

Ye Chen's face is very calm, incomparably calm, calm even makes people feel some terrible.

"Ha ha!"

Liu Song gave a cold smile.

"Boy, you don't want to live, do you?"

In Liu Song's eyes, he can kill Ye Chen with one punch!

"I repeat, come up!"

Ye Chen stares at Liu Song under the challenge arena.

Liu Song, as the two-star God of war, could not help but change his face when he heard Ye Chen's words!


The sound falls, Liu Song jumps up from the ground and goes to the challenge arena!

"Boy, come and die."

After jumping on the ring, Liu Song, the two-star God of war, hooked his finger against Ye Chen.

Everyone under the ring held their breath. They knew that a great war was coming.

The emperor River night and the four elders of the League of protection, but their faces are worried.

They know that ye Chen can never be the opponent of Liu Song, the two-star God of war.

If you don't, you'll lose your life!

Ye Chen looks at Liu Song, his talent and realm information appears in his retina.

"Name: Liu Song."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Hidden talent: Dragon talent, power talent."

"Realm: two star earth God of war."

Ye Chen knows that Liu Song is already a corpse.

Suddenly, he inspired the blink talent!


All the people in the square were surprised. They didn't think that ye dust would suddenly disappear.

Blink talent?!

Liu Song is also surprised!

However, as a two-star God of war, he was able to capture the shadow of Ye Chen.

"Looking for death!"

Liu Song only heard a big drink, and then attacked Ye.

This blow has the power of a nuclear bomb!

It's a pity that his power is not comparable to that of Ye Chen!


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