I Copy Talents | Chapter 671 | Liu Song The Two Star War God Fell

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Chapter 671 Liu Song The Two Star War God Fell


Liu Song, the God of war of two stars, sees that ye Chen has caught him again. His pupil shrinks violently!

"You You... "

Liu Song looks at Ye Chen in horror.

All the people in the square were stupefied.

In their eyes, ye Chen is really terrible. He is the most terrifying warrior they have ever seen.

Looking at Liu Song not far away, ye Chen said slowly:

"is this your strength?"

At this time, the cold sweat has wet Liu Song's whole body, he has no idea what to do.

Ye Chen is like an ancient god and devil standing in front of him, and he has no way to take it.

"Now, it's my turn." Ye Chen said.

The sound falls, leaf dust erect fist.

His fist quickly condensed the talent of dragon, divine power, giant power, native talent and high power talent.


Liu Song, the God of war of two stars, looked at the power of terror talent condensed from ye Chen's fist. He couldn't help calling out, just like a bolt from the blue.

All the people in the square were out of their wits. They even felt that they could not breathe at this time.

It's terrible, it's so terrible!!!

"There is a kind," leaf dust light looking at the two-star God of war Liu Song, "you come to pick up ah

The voice dropped and he punched out.

Suddenly, a fist gang from the flying out!

All kinds of terrifying talents interweave together, space breaks, and the wind blows!

I saw a wave of energy that destroyed the sky and the earth, and went towards Liu Song, the two-star earth God of war, at a lightning speed.

Liu Song, the two-star earth God of war, saw such an attack, and his eyes opened to the largest ever.

Only because he found that he could not escape such an attack.

All he can do is wait for death!

At the last moment of his life, Liu Song, the God of war of two stars, is in despair. He is really desperate!

If he had known that ye Chen was so terrible, he would not have provoked Ye Chen.


Suddenly, a startling explosion came out.

The life of Liu Song, the two-star earth war god, has disappeared in this world forever.

He did not leave his body, his body has turned into powder, with the wind disappeared in this world.

And all the people in the square were frozen like clay sculpture. They couldn't come back to their senses for a long time.

This is Is the battle ineffective?

The emperor's River swallows at night.

As the patron saint of the Dragon Kingdom, when has he been so shocked.

I'm afraid that ye Chen is unprecedented and there will be no one after him!

"From today on, ye Chen is the commander-in-chief of China's Dragon Kingdom, in charge of the dragon's army!"

Emperor River night back to God, rushed to all the people on the square said.

River night is the holy edict!

Not long ago, the emperor River night will make a decree, the edict spread throughout the Dragon kingdom!

East base city, Baiyun base city, nu sea all know ye Chen's deeds.

For a moment, the whole kingdom of dragon was in an uproar!

In Anyue College of east base city, teachers will explain Ye Chen's deeds in Anyue college every day.

Baiyun base city of Baiyun secondary college, is also the same, telling Ye dust that year's terror!

And the sword clan in Haiti has become the supreme school directly, no one dares to provoke!

These are the places where ye Chen has been. They all know that it will not be long before the whole world will know his name.

Now it's just the Dragon Kingdom, and then the whole world!

Just because of the talent like Ye Chen, if you look at the whole world, it's very rare!

Ye Chen did not refuse to be commander in chief of the Longji army. Anyway, he wanted to eliminate all the fierce beasts in the territory of the Dragon kingdom!


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