I Copy Talents | Chapter 672 | The City Is Broken

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Chapter 672 The City Is Broken

 Fierce beast has begun to approach the defense line of boundary city and Tiannan!

As everyone knows, the war is about to start!

This is the battle of the Dragon kingdom!

Ye Chen has arrived at the first protective city of Longguo, Tiannan!

He guards Tiannan, the emperor guards the city!

On the protective City stood a mighty army of iron and blood, a total of 800000!

All these troops were baptized from the war. They all had a breath of killing. It was extremely shocking to gather them together.

Ten days later!

The war has finally begun!

Fierce beast begins to attack the city!

There are so many fierce beasts coming.

The army, the Legion of warriors, all attacked the beast.


The whole scene began to become intolerable!

The blood has flowed into a river!

Humans don't know how many deaths and injuries, and fierce animals do not know how many deaths and injuries.

The war lasted for a month!

It was a dark day, and the fierce beasts began to attack the city again.


Suddenly, more than a dozen Flying Magic Eagles arrived at the top of Tiannan protective City, and opened their mouths to attack the outer wall of the city!

Ye Chen takes out the three magic halberds from the system space.


He stabbed out with a halberd, and the spear spear spurred by the talent of weapon attacked more than a dozen Flying Magic eagles in the air.


Suddenly, more than a dozen flying eagle in the air sent out bursts of screams, all fell down.

Ye Chen did not stop at this point, he jumped up from the ground!

In the middle of the air, the sky, which was originally covered with dark clouds, is now becoming more and more magical.

All the people above Tiannan protective city have seen such a scene. They all know that ye Chen is going to launch a large-scale attack.

"Jue Tian Shen Mo gun!"

Ye Chen held the ancient evil soldier three magic halberds and sent out the divine level martial arts juesheng magic gun!


On the ground, there are countless amazing explosions!

Countless fierce animals turn into powder!

However, the number of fierce beasts is too large.

This is a temporary cure, not a permanent cure!

Ye Chen knows a truth, which is to shoot the horse first and catch the thief first!

As long as he killed the primary beast, the God level fierce beast would lose the backbone.

Since the beginning of the war, he has been looking for the figure of the primary beast God level fierce beast.

But helpless, he did not find!

At this time, a warrior with blood all over his body ran over.

"Commander, no good!"

"What's the matter?"

"Jiecheng It's broken


All the people around Ye Chen were shocked.

In any case, they did not expect that the boundary city would be broken!

"That primary beast God level fierce beast is in our boundary city. Now everyone is fighting fiercely with the fierce beast. The emperor asked me to carry reinforcements!"

Ye Chen clenched his teeth.

Now there are too many fierce beasts in Tiannan protective city. Whether Tiannan can keep it or not, the boundary city is broken again!

It's a wave that's not even, it's rising again!

"Give my orders! Recruit all the troops and warriors of the Dragon kingdom to the protective city


Ye Chen thinks that now can only be like this.

He took 200000 troops and 20000 warriors to Jiecheng!

After arriving at the boundary City, I found that the emperor was trapped in the river city at night!

The fierce beast has surrounded the city.


Ye Chen gave a low roar.

At his command, the army and the warriors rushed to the fierce beast.

The army and the warrior stand together!

Ye Chen holds the three magic halberds of ancient evil soldiers. People block killing people, Buddha blocks killing Buddha!

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