I Copy Talents | Chapter 673 | Rescue The Emperor And Fight Against The Beasts

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Chapter 673 Rescue The Emperor And Fight Against The Beasts

 Ye Chen slaughtered countless fierce beasts with the three magic halberds of ancient evil soldiers.


However, there are too many fierce beasts surrounding the city, and the army and soldiers are constantly falling to the ground.

The whole scene is more than a tragic word can describe.



The emperor's face was pale at night, and he was seriously injured in the battle with the first beast king level fierce beast!

"Don't worry too much, Emperor!"

Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, said to the emperor at night.

When the emperor heard his words at night, he could not help but show a bitter smile.

"Now that the boundary city has been broken, I don't know what's going on in Tiannan."

"Lord, although the boundary city is broken, we still have many people fighting fierce beasts in the boundary city."

Xiao zhantian said.

As a matter of fact, Xiao Zhan also knew that the army and the warriors who fought in the boundary city and fierce beasts could not resist for long.


Suddenly, a general came in.

The general's face was radiant with joy.

"What's the matter?"

Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, asked in a hurry.

"Here comes the general! The commander-in-chief has come to save us! "


Xiao zhantian was shocked!

General manager?

Of course, he knows who the general manager is, not others, but ye Chen.

Ye Chen is now the commander-in-chief of the Longji army. As the most elite army of the Dragon Kingdom, it is naturally so terrible.

"Good, good!"

Xiao zhantian a smile, "emperor, you have a good rest, we go out to meet the General Commander."

"Go ahead."

The emperor nodded at night.

He took a long breath, and the figure of Ye Chen appeared in his mind.

Now the whole dragon Kingdom has to rely on Ye Chen.

He only wanted Ye Chen to be able to pull back the storm in the fall!

Xiao zhantian, commander-in-chief of the northern army, fought against the fierce beasts with only a few thousand men left.

Sure enough, he saw Ye Chen among the fierce beasts.

Ye Chen holds the three magic halberds of ancient evil soldiers, just like ancient gods and demons, slaughtering countless fierce animals.

His hair had no wind, and his three magic halberds were full of evil spirit, which made countless fierce beasts frightened.

Not long ago, all the fierce beasts besieging Jiangcheng were slaughtered!


After the fierce beast was slaughtered and cleaned up, Xiao zhantian, the supreme commander of the northern army, went to Ye Chen's side and began to cry.

"Commander in chief, what a tragedy! What a tragedy

"And the emperor?"

"The emperor is seriously injured and is training in Jiangshi."

Leaf dust smell speech long breath, he looked at the sad Xiao zhantian, "protect the emperor, I now go to the boundary city."

Immediately, he urged the talent of speed, speed like wind, but disappeared in front of everyone in an instant.


Ye Chen came to Jiecheng with troops and warriors, leaving most of them here.

At this time, the battle was extremely fierce!

"Look! Here comes the commander-in-chief

Suddenly, a warrior cried out.

Everyone looked up into the air.

Found a man, the whole body up and down the evil Qi entangled, holding the ancient evil soldiers, red eyes, bursts of red light.

The man in the air is like a real devil.

"Commander in chief!"

The army and the warriors, their whole body can not stop excited.

Ye Chen is like their backbone, holding the sky Bo Yu Zhu and erecting the Sea Purple Gold beam.


In the mid air leaves, cold drink out a word.

Voice down, he once again urged the speed talent, just like the speed of sound!


A little cold light comes first, and then the gun comes out like a dragon!

Just in an instant, countless fierce animals exploded!

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