I Copy Talents | Chapter 674 | Elementary Beast God Level Fierce Beast

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Chapter 674 Elementary Beast God Level Fierce Beast

 With Ye Chen's participation in the war, the whole scene changed instantly!

Countless fierce beasts fell into the pool of blood!

But there are too many fierce beasts.

"Jue Tian Shen Mo gun!"

Ye Chen's three magic halberds, the ancient evil soldiers, sent out divine level martial arts skills!

Suddenly, countless spears interweave together, toward the front of the countless fierce beast roared away!


Innumerable startling explosions were heard in all people's ears.


Suddenly, a terrifying, ferocious animal's cry came into everyone's ears.

All the people were shocked when they heard the roar of the fierce beast.

Their faces were full of horror!

This is

Primary beast God level fierce beast, nine you swallow day Python?!

All the people on the scene were shocked. They could not feel any possibility of life just by seeing this nine you swallow sky Python!

When all the fierce beasts saw the king coming, they all joined in one after another.


Only listen, countless fierce animals also made deafening sound.

Ye Chen stares at the nine you tuntian Python in the distance, and he knows that this is the primary beast God level fierce beast.

As long as you kill this nine you swallow day python, the situation will be reversed.


Suddenly, Jiuyou Tuntian python, a fierce beast of primary animal God level, yelled again.

For a moment, all the fierce beasts came.


Ye Chen also gave orders.

East wind blowing, drum beating, who is afraid of who in this world?

It's just death.

What's more, the primary beast God level fierce beast is just the killer equivalent to the human two star earth God of war, which is just like this in front of Ye Chen.


Just listen to the sound of a broken wind, ye Chen has already inspired the speed talent.

Just in an instant, ye Chen arrived in front of Jiuyou Tuntian python.

At the same time, the information of the primary beast God level fierce beast Jiuyou tuntian Python also appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

"Nine you swallow the sky Python: fierce beast."

"Talent: Fire talent, dragon talent."

"Level: primary beast level."


Jiuyou Tuntian python, a fierce beast of the primary animal God level, roared angrily when he saw the unexpected human.

See, nine you swallow day Python opened a big mouth, fierce to leaf dust attack.

Ye Chen is holding the three magic halberds of ancient evil soldiers, and his face is extremely calm.

Nine you swallow the sky Python is too large, up to 100 meters long!

It swallowed the leaf dust in one mouthful!


All the soldiers and soldiers on the scene could not help but be shocked.

They would never dream of such a scene.

The general manager actually By nine you swallow day Python to swallow stomach?

All the troops and soldiers, their whole body strength seems to have been drained in general, powerless back up.

Of course, these troops and soldiers did not know that ye Chen was intentional.

Ye Chen thinks that although the primary beast God level fierce beast is only equivalent to the realm of the two-star God of war, it will take some time to kill such a huge body.

If you directly rush into its body, it will surely kill it instantly!

Sure enough, Jiuyou Tuntian python, who had just swallowed the leaf dust into his stomach, let out bursts of shrill screams.


The sound of the scream is too tragic to listen to.

Countless fierce beasts all stop!

At this time, whether it is human or fierce beast, all look at the primary beast God level fierce beast nine you swallow the sky Python!

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