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Chapter 675 Support Arrived

 After a few seconds, I saw a big hole in the top of the head of Jiuyou Tuntian python!


Seeing such a scene, all the soldiers in the army exclaimed.

Only because they saw the general out of this big hole.

Looking at the commander-in-chief, all the soldiers and soldiers were excited.

"Commander in chief!"

"Commander in chief!"

"Commander in chief!"

The army of Jiecheng and all the fighters cheered.

The internal organs of Jiuyou tuntian Python have been completely destroyed by leaf dust.

That is to say, the life of this nine hell swallow sky Python will disappear from this world immediately.


Sure enough, after more than a dozen seconds, nine you swallow the sky python, a fierce beast of primary animal God level, fell heavily on the ground.

On the ground, a deep hole was directly smashed out!

All the ferocious beasts in the boundary city saw the king's death, and they were all in great disorder.

"Children of the Dragon Kingdom, what are you waiting for?"

"Kill me!"

When all the troops and soldiers were shocked, the voice of Ye Chen came into their ears.

The army and the soldiers came back to their senses one after another!


Suddenly, ye Chen, the army and the warriors began to wash the boundary city!

The other side!

Tiannan protective city.

At last, the Tiannan protective City, where ye Chen took away many troops and warriors, could not hold on.

"Lord Donghe, we can't keep watch. What should we do?"

Donghe, Zhangdong river!

The commander of the army is the commander in chief of the army, and then he will leave Tianchen!

"Stick to it!"

Zhang Donghe clenched his teeth and squeezed out this sentence from his teeth.

Tiannan protective city is the main battlefield!

The number of ferocious beasts outside the protective city can not be counted with figures.

Look, Tiannan protective city will be broken!

"Lord Donghe, reinforcements are coming! Our reinforcements are coming! "

A warrior ran over and said to Zhang Donghe, commander-in-chief of the East Army Corps.

When ye Chen left Tiannan protective City, he once ordered that all the fighting forces of the Dragon kingdom come to fight.

"How many have come."

"Three million!"

East army commander Zhang Donghe laughed.

"Brothers, guard me well!"

"After we beat back these murderous beasts, let's go back to the big bowl to drink and eat large pieces of meat!"

More than three million troops and fighters have arrived.

They went to Tiannan protective city!

At this time, ye Chen and his men and horses also went to Tiannan protective city.

"Commander in chief, you are back!"

Zhang Donghe, commander in chief of the East Army Corps, saw that ye Chen came back, and his face immediately showed a surprise smile.

"Well, I've killed Jiuyou Tuntian python, a fierce beast of primary animal God level."


Zhang Donghe was surprised. He did not expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

Junior beast God level fierce beast, Jiuyou tuntian Python was killed?

"General manager, is everything all right over there?"

"It's OK."

Zhang Donghe, commander-in-chief of the East Army Corps, breathed a breath when he heard the speech.

"How many more of us?"

"If we go back to the commander-in-chief and add in the 3 million people who have supported us, we still have 3.5 million."

"Reinforcements from all over the Dragon Kingdom..."

"In half a month, we can reach Tiannan protective city."

Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, "then we will defend the city in this half month. When the support from all over the country arrives, we will fight the fierce beast to the death!"

"Yes! Commander in chief

Zhang Donghe, commander in chief of the eastern army, was in a fever of blood!

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