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Chapter 677 Woman In Red

 The party begins!

In front of the public is the natural mountain treasure mountain flavor!

There are birds in the sky, geese in clouds, cattle and sheep in the sea under the ground!

It took hours for the party to end.

This month, ye Chen has been practicing in the highest level of Canglong tower.

From two-star war Zun to three-star battle Zun.

And something happened in the imperial district.

A woman came to the imperial city!

The woman was dressed in red clothes and her face was as cold as ice!

In the past three days, women have already defeated many experts from all walks of life and put down their bold words to fight against the young talents of the imperial capital.

The emperor's younger generation saw that the women were so beautiful that they looked like fairies.

They all went to challenge the women, but unfortunately, they were defeated by all the women.

If ye Chen was here, he would recognize the woman.

Just because the woman is not others, it is Xiaohong's sister, huoyun'er!

Ye Chen hasn't seen Xiaohong for a long time. Xiaohong is the divine beast huolingtianniao. She was brought back to Huoling Holy Island by her sister in Baiyun secondary training college, and they never met again.

After defeating all the younger generation in the imperial capital, Huo yun'er finally uttered a sentence that shocked everyone.

"Isn't Ye Chen here? Why doesn't he come out to fight with me? Have you made a shrinking turtle

Fire rhyme son this words, the whole emperor is in an uproar.

They thought about who the fire rhyme was, how dare they say such arrogant words.

Does she know who ye Chen is?

That's the hero of the Dragon kingdom. Now the Dragon state has the most unparalleled combat power.

On this day, Huo yun'er put down a sentence:

"three days later, fight ye Chen on the challenge arena of the imperial capital center!"

No one sighs.

They all thought that fire rhyme son this is the disaster on the earth, but to the heaven.

It must be noted that the commander-in-chief can defeat this arrogant woman a thousand times in a short time.

They really don't know what the fire rhyme is worth being proud of.

And fire yun'er also began to wait for the arrival of Ye Chen on the central arena.

She has been to Baiyun base city, where people said he went to the angry sea, she went to the angry sea again, and talked about the imperial capital!

Under the central challenge arena, there are also people standing there.

It has already reached the point of a sea of people.

Two days have passed!

Leaf dust still did not appear.

Huo yun'er, who is still in the center of the challenge arena, is more and more sarcastic on her cold cheek.

All people don't understand why the leaf dust hasn't appeared yet.

On the third day.

Ye Chen finally came out from the top of Canglong tower.

Under the Canglong tower, all the people in Canglong courtyard have been standing.

When they saw the dust coming out, they were shocked.

"Commander in chief, you are finally out."

Chen Tong, President of Canglong academy, looks at Ye Chen.

"What's the matter?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of doubts.

Immediately, Chen Tong, President of the Canglong academy, told ye Chen all the details of the event.

When ye Chen hears the speech, he is greatly puzzled.

He really did not understand why a woman in red clothes, who was extremely powerful, wanted to fight with him?

Did he offend her?

No way.

With doubts, ye Chen walked out of the Canglong courtyard.

All the people in the Canglong courtyard naturally went out with them.

It was noon!

There are more and more people under the center challenge arena. They wonder whether ye Chen will appear or not today is the last day.

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